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"The Black Mages" Live is a DVD of a live recording of a concert performed by The Black Mages at Kanagawa University in Kanagawa, Japan on November 3rd, 2003 as part of the Kanagawa Jindai Festa. It was a provided as a bonus item to members of Nobuo Uematsu's fan club.

Track list[]

  1. J-E-N-O-V-A from Final Fantasy VII — 6:31
    (「J-E-N-O-V-A」 from FINAL FANTASY VII?)
  2. Force Your Way from Final Fantasy VIII — 3:50
    (「Force Your Way」 from FINAL FANTASY VIII?)
  3. Battle Theme from Final Fantasy VI — 3:43
    (「Battle Theme」 from FINAL FANTASY VI?)
  4. Battle, Scene I from Final Fantasy I — 4:14
    (「Battle SceneI」 from FINAL FANTASY I?)
  5. Battle, Scene II from Final Fantasy II — 3:51
    (「Battle SceneII」 from FINAL FANTASY II?)
  6. Matoya's Cave from Final Fantasy — 8:11
    (「マトーヤの洞窟」 from FINAL FANTASY I, Matōya no Dōkutsu?)
  7. Those Who Fight Further from Final Fantasy VII — 7:05
    (「更に闘う者達」 from FINAL FANTASY VII, Sara ni Tatakau Monotachi?)
  8. The Decisive Battle from Final Fantasy VI — 4:20
    (「決戦」 from FINAL FANTASY VI, Kessen?)
  9. Clash on the Big Bridge from Final Fantasy V — 4:14
    (「ビッグブリッヂの死闘」 from FINAL FANTASY V, Biggu Burijji no Shitō?)
  10. Dancing Mad from Final Fantasy VI — 11:43
    (「妖星乱舞」 from FINAL FANTASY VI, Yōsei Ranbu?)
  11. Fight With Seymour from Final Fantasy X — 7:20
    (「シーモアバトル」 from FINAL FANTASY X, Shīmoa Batoru?, lit. Seymour Battle)

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