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The Black Mages III: Darkness and Starlight LIVE is a DVD of a live recording of a concert performed by The Black Mages at Yokohama Blitz in the Kanagawa Prefecture on August 9, 2008. Also includes footage of rehearsal, backstage dressing room footage, and the music video of the track "NeoEXDEATH."

Track list[]

  1. Opening - Bombing Mission from Final Fantasy VII — 6:18
    (Opening - Bombing Mission from FINAL FANTASY VII ”オープニング~爆破ミッション”, Ōpuningu ~ Bakuha Misshon?)
  2. Premonition from Final Fantasy VIII — 5:33
    (Premonition from FINAL FANTASY VIII ”Premonition”?)
  3. Grand Cross from Final Fantasy IX — 4:14
    (Grand Cross from FINAL FANTASY IX ”最後の闘い”, Saigo no Tatakai?, lit. The Final Battle)
  4. MC-1 — 3:18
  5. The Extreme from Final Fantasy VIII — 4:52
    (The Extreme from FINAL FANTASY VIII ”The Extreme”?)
  6. Force Your Way from Final Fantasy VII — 3:27
    (Force Your Way from FINAL FANTASY VII ”Force Your Way”?)
  7. KURAYAMINOKUMO from Final Fantasy III — 4:05
    (KURAYAMINOKUMO from FINAL FANTASY III ”最後の死闘”, Saigo no Shitō?, lit. Final Struggle to the Death)
  8. MC-2 — 8:46
  9. Assault of the Silver Dragons from Final Fantasy IX — 4:55
    (Assault of the Silver Dragons from FINAL FANTASY IX ”銀竜戦”, Ginryūsen?)
  10. Clash on the Big Bridge from Final Fantasy V — 4:19
    (Clash on the Big Bridge from FINAL FANTASY V ”ビッグブリッヂの死闘”, Biggu Burijji no Shitō?)
  11. Distant Worlds from Final Fantasy XI — 6:56
    (Distant Worlds from FINAL FANTASY XI ”Distant Worlds”?)
  12. MC-3 — 4:17
  13. Darkness and Starlight from Final Fantasy VI — 16:17
    (Darkness and Starlight from FINAL FANTASY VI ”オペラ ~マリアとドラクゥ”, [missing rōmaji]?)
  14. Encore ~ MC-4 — 1:41
  15. Neo EXDEATH from Final Fantasy V — 4:52
    (Neo EXDEATH from FINAL FANTASY V ”最後の闘い”, Saigo no Tatakai?, lit. The Final Battle)
  16. Maybe I'm a Lion from Final Fantasy VII — 8:11
    (Maybe I'm a Lion from FINAL FANTASY VII ”Maybe I'm a Lion”, [missing rōmaji]?)
  17. END ROLL — 1:46
  18. [Bonus] Making Movie — 31:45
  19. [Bonus] Promotion Video — 5:14

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