The Black Mages is the eponymous album by The Black Mages containing a selection of battle themes from the original Final Fantasy to Final Fantasy X arranged in a hard-rock/heavy metal style.

The Black Mages stated that for the percussion sections they utilized sequenced drum tracks. This was not repeated in the following albums.

Track listEdit

  1. "Battle Scene" - Final Fantasy
  2. "Clash on the Big Bridge" - Final Fantasy V
  3. "Force Your Way" - Final Fantasy VIII
  4. "Battle Scene II" - Final Fantasy II
  5. "The Decisive Battle" - Final Fantasy VI
  6. "Battle Theme" - Final Fantasy VI
  7. "J-E-N-O-V-A" - Final Fantasy VII
  8. "Those Who Fight Further" - Final Fantasy VII
  9. "Dancing Mad" - Final Fantasy VI
  10. "Fight With Seymour" - Final Fantasy X

Sheet musicEdit

Black mages official multitrack

Book cover.

The Black Mages Official Multitrack Score Sheet Music is a publication published by Rittor Music that contains the sheet music for the 10 pieces of The Black Mages' first concert. The songs are intended for two guitars, two keyboards, bass, and drums. The book is written entirely in Japanese and uses standard musical notation. The book is now very rare and sought after by collectors.

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