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The Big Bridge is an event in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, based on the location of the same name and the iconic battle against Gilgamesh from Final Fantasy V.

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The great warlock with the power of the Void... The pathway known as the Big Bridge was the only way to get to his shrine.

This is where four warriors took a stand, facing off against the most evil of magi.

The man to avenge these fallen warriors was a strange-but-friend swordsman. Through the so-called encounter with this man, Rain and his gang come face-to-face with evil and the thoughts and feelings which remain.

Now it's off to the dimensional vortex, where they are to encounter "him" once again.


The Big Bridge is an exploration event which requires no farming. The player must simply clear all stages to obtain all the rewards. Lapis cannot be used to continue if all allies are KO'd in any of the stages. There are no chests and the exploration map is a straight line, shared between all stages, with the second half exclusive to the ELT stage.

Battle Info[]

The Big Bridge - BGN[]

The Big Bridge - INT[]

The Big Bridge - ADV[]

The Big Bridge - PRO[]

The Big Bridge - ELT[]