The Beautiful Archeress is a time-limited event where Maria from Final Fantasy II can be added to Mog's group of warriors. This paralogue of the main scenario is located after Chapter 7.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Story Cutscenes[edit | edit source]

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Blooming in the Woods:

It is recommended that you clear Ch. 7: Imber Manor before playing.

  • ???: No! Leave me be!

(Maria runs away, pursued by Warrior of Light and Firion Manikins)

  • ???: Ah! A hiding spot!

(Maria hides while the Manikins run off)

  • ???: ...Whew. Finally they're gone.
  • ???: How did I get myself into this...? I can't even tell where I am.
  • ???: Nor can I take another step. I'm exhausted...
  • ???: ...I wish the others were here. Firion... Sniff...
  • ???: Oh? What's this?

(Maria notices rose petals in the air and follows them to a field of wild roses)

  • ???: Wild rose... The rebel army's password. A flower of hope that connects us.
  • ???: Blooming even here, deep in these woods, unwithered and full of vigor.
  • ???: ...No, I mustn't give up now.
  • ???: If I continue running, I should find the others! This is no time to stop!
  • ???: ...You have my thanks.

(Maria runs off)

Another Rebellion:
  • Firion: This forest is crawling with monsters. Let's watch our step...
  • Yang: Hrm! Speak of the devil...!

(Maria runs in)

  • ???: Firion...!
  • Firion: Maria!? Is that you!?
  • Maria: Ah! Firion, I finally found you!
  • Firion: I'm glad to see you safe and sound. Did you come through this forest on your own?
  • Maria: I thought I was a goner with all the fiends at my heels...
  • Maria: the moment I had nearly given up hope, I came across a patch of wild rose that reminded me of you and the others...
  • Maria: That gave me just what I needed to carry on.
  • Firion: I see. We owe it to the wild rose...our password in the rebellion.
  • Galuf: Rebellion? Is she also one of your Returners?
  • Shadow: ...Her face is unknown to me. A new recruit?
  • Firion: There's a resistance back in our world, too. Maria and I both fought together for the rebel army.
  • Maria: Returners? Back in our world?
  • Layle: How about you fill her in, Firion?
  • Firion: Maria, try not to panic, but the world we're in now...

  • Maria: ...So it's the fault of these Torsions that we've all been torn from our homes.
  • Layle: We're all in the same boat here. Summoned by a "god" of some sort to fight for the "sake of the world."
  • Yang: If we do not defend this world, our home worlds are also at risk of being consumed... In other words, we also fight to protect our own worlds...
  • Yang: Or that is what Lord Mog has professed...
  • Shadow: With no evidence to back up the claim.
  • Galuf: Moreover, it's not only the villains who can create Torsions... We're up to our necks in mysteries.
  • Firion: Did you happen to feel as though your strength was being drawn out of you when you passed through the Torsion or while battling monsters?
  • Maria: Come to think of it, my legs were trembling...but I had assumed it was from fear and exhaustion...
  • Shadow: If only it were just that.
  • Layle: My employer, the Returners, is the group trying to get to the bottom of why we're here and what these gods are up to.
  • Maria: Leave it to Firion to join the rebellion in a completely different world.
  • Firion: Our other friends from the rebel army must be here, too.
  • Firion: Let's find them together. And uncover the mysteries of this world! You will join us, won't you?
  • Maria: But of course! I wouldn't want to disappoint any of you!
  • Galuf: Ho ho ho! Admirable confidence.
  • Yang: We will put our faith in you, Lady Maria!
Like Siblings:
  • Wakka: Alrighty then. That's enough of a break. Let's hit the road again, yeah?
  • Penelo: ...Huh? I don't see Yuna.
  • Yuna: Sorry to keep you!

(Yuna runs in)

  • Yuna: Forgive me, I must have started to doze off...
  • Vaan: Ha ha, no kidding! Nice bed head!
  • Yuna: Eh!? B-bed head!?
  • Yuna: Ohhh, not again...
  • Vaan: You know, for as much as you look like you've got it together, you can be pretty scatterbrained sometimes.
  • Wakka: Right? She's been like that since way back when.
  • Maria: Since way back? Are you two childhood friends?
  • Yuna: We grew up together like siblings in the same village.
  • Maria: Like siblings... Just like me and Firion.
  • Wakka: Oh yeah? You two also have a long history together?
  • Firion: I was without mother or father, so Maria's took me in.
  • Vaan: Oh, so you're family.
  • Maria: Yes. We had a quiet life together in a small town in the Kingdom of Fynn.
  • Maria: ...Until the day the Palamecian Empire attacked...
  • Maria: We lost both our parents...and though our brother Leon escaped with us, we were separated from him, too...
  • Yuna: ...How dreadful. I'm so sorry...
  • Penelo: Imperial invasions happen in any world...huh...
  • Penelo: War takes everyone... Family... Homeland...
  • Wakka: It always felt like Spira was full of tragedy...but I guess every world has to put up with its share of crapola...
  • Wakka: Shoot! Can't start dwelling on the past!
  • Vaan: Separated from your brother...'cause of the empire...
  • Maria: Did you...go through something similar in your world?
  • Vaan: Me and Penelo are both orphans, too. It's a pretty common story. But that doesn't mean we're alone.
  • Firion: That's right. We're not alone. Even if the world changes, that's still the same.
  • Firion: So let's keep our eyes on the future. Surely Leon, too, will...
  • Maria: Yes, you're right. Let's go!
  • Wakka: Fore that, though, let's give Lady Yuna a chance to fix her hair.
  • Yuna: Oooh, Wakka!
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The Beautiful Archeress Pt. 1[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Maria's event was switched with Kuja's in the Global release order. Kuja won the first player vote for an early event release.
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