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I remember the emptiness. Vast and endless. The Azim Steppe, home to countless roaming tribes. A sacred land watched over by elder gods. Here we would find Doma's salvation. With the wind at our backs we walked on. In search of hope. In search of him.

The Azim Steppe is a location in Othard introduced in Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood.


A vast expanse of grassland that stretches across the far reaches of northern Othard, the Azim Steppe is said to be the ancestral home of the Au Ra, and remains to this day the home of the nomadic Xaela clan. Devout worshipers of the Dawn Father and the Dusk Mother—Azim and Nhaama—the Xaela are known for their unique set of beliefs. They are divided into fifty different tribes, all of which are very territorial and are engaged in a constant and fierce battle for land. The people of each tribe are led by their "Khan" or leader, and in turn they are all led by the Khagan, who can be replaced yearly through tribal combat known as the "Naadam". The culture of these Xaela are based on Mongolian tribes, mirroring certain names, customs and fashions.


After rousing the spirits of the people of Yanxia to reclaim their independence, the Warrior of Light, Lyse Hext and Gosetsu Daito accompany Yugiri Mistwalker to the Azim Steppe to meet with Lord Hien and inform him of his peoples' decision. To answer their cries, the young king declares his intent to win the allegiance of the Au Ra Xaela tribes by participating in the Naadam, a yearly ritual to determine the ruling tribe and Khagan of the Steppe.


These vast grasslands are home to ma to reclaim their independence, the Warrior of Light, Lyse and Gosetsu accompany Yugiri to the Azim Steppe to meet with Lord Hien and inform him of his people's decision.


There are Aetherytes located in the following three areas:

  • Reunion, North of the Ruby Sea passage.
  • The Dawn Throne, in the center of the map.
  • Dhoro Iloh, west most of the map, it is also home to the Namazu beast tribe


The Azim Steppe contains the following areas:

  • The Sea of Blades - Grasslands area to the east.
  • Onsal Hakair - Mountainous area to the north.
  • The Towering Still - Mountainous area to the west, also supports a network of caves.
  • Azim Khaat - The center area, containing giant stone structures that look like fingers, and a bowl structure that overlooks the Azim Steppe.
  • Nhaama's Retreat - Grasslands leading to the Nhaama Desert.



Used by traders from all over to sell their various wares, considered neutral ground and guarded by the Qestir Tribe.

Mol Iloh[]

Home of the Mol Tribe, who rely on the Gods to guide them in their daily lives. They tend to move their camp to continue supporting their livestock in the harsh environment.

Dotharl Khaa[]

Home of the Dotharl Tribe. In the language of the Steppe, "khaa" means spring, which is located at the center of their tribe. It is a rare oasis in the deathly dry climes of the Nhaama Desert.

The Dawn Throne[]

Holy Land to the Xaela, said to be sculpted by the hands of Azim the Dawn Father and birthplace of his son. Azim's face is etched into the base of the province. Currently home to the Oronir and Buduga Tribes.


The Azim Steppe's climate may exhibit any of the following weather conditions:

Weather Frequency
Fair Skies Fair Skies 40%
Clear Skies Clear Skies 25%
Clouds Clouds 10%
Fog Fog 8%
Rain Rain 7%
Wind Wind 5%
Gales Gales 5%

Places of interest[]

  • Ragill's Reckoning - Defensive wall outside the tribe of Reunion, presumably created to keep out the beasts and establish a more permanent position for the mostly-nomadic Xaela tribes.
  • Path of the Craven - Broken wooden bridge northeast of Reunion, leading across The Wound where presumably more Xaela tribes live.
  • Qerel Iloh - A Qerel camp destroyed by the Chaghan, an offshoot of their people taken to madness by their inner beast.
  • Kahkol Iloh - Broken down settlement of the Kahkol tribe, ravaged by disease and the Buduga.
  • The Dusk Throne - A massive statue depicting Nhaama, the Dusk Mother, half-sunken in the sands of the desert of the same namesake.
  • Ceol Aen - Xaelan monument of ancient stone pillars, engraved with tribal songs of the Steppe, and said to sing themselves when the wind takes them.
  • The Uyagir Caves - Once home to the Uyangir tribe, the caves have since been taken by the hostile Matanga, a race of Oliphant-like beastmen known to slaughter Xaela for the pleasure alone.
  • Chakha Zoh - Tomb of the revered Xaela Chakha, who faced a fierce dragon to protect her people. Tribes that triumph at the Nadaam will customarily lay offerings at her shrine.
  • The House of the Crooked Coin - A monument of unknown origin, believed to be a shard of Nhaama. Those of the Dotharl will traditionally throw themselves into the crevasse to break their cycle of reincarnation.

These named rivers run from the lake at the bottom of the Dawn Throne, they are called "Khaal" which means river.

  • Hak Khaal
  • Rai Khaal
  • Nem Khaal
  • Tao Khaal
  • Yat Khaal



Bardam's Mettle.

Bardam's Mettle Bardam's Mettle
Level 65
Item Level 250
Bardam's Mettle (x11 y11)

If you are to participate in the Naadam and fight alongside the Mol, you must first be recognized as a warrior of the Steppe. To earn this honor, you will be required to complete a rite of passage involving walking in the footsteps of the legendary hero Bardam and taming a yol. Each must do this by themselves, of course, and so you shall...though if by pure coincidence some of your fellow adventurers happened to have made the long journey to the Far East, and simply insisted on accompanying you...surely no one would be any the wiser?
The Great Hunt.

The Great Hunt The Great Hunt
Level 70
Item level 320
Bardam's Mettle (x11 y11)

The Hunt has always been simple business. Snatch a bill from the board, seek out your quarry, and claim your bounty. A peculiar posting in Kugane, however, has complicated matters. What began as a simple hunt in the Azim Steppe has quickly escalated into a harrowing undertaking, with a strange new Felyne companion, and even stranger prey─Rathalos, king of the skies. With mega potion in hand, you venture into the mountains. But do you have what it takes to stand against his fiery fury?
The Great Hunt (Extreme).

The Great Hunt (Extreme) The Great Hunt (Extreme)
Level 70
Item level 350
Bardam's Mettle (x11 y11)

You believed the day won with the Rathalos brought low, but a recently made friend─and alleged hunting rival─brings news to the contrary. There yet exist Rathalos of an older, more powerful brood─a higher rank, if you will. The Hunt beckons you back to the Azim Steppe for greater trials and the chance for still greater bounties.


Name Level Location Time limit Objective
Spawn conditions (if any)
Boss FATE. The State of Reunion 65-69 The Sea of Blades (x33 y24) 15 minutes Defeat Narantsetseq.
Reunion is the one place on the Azim Steppe where the myriad Xaela tribes can put aside their differences and come together as one to trade and to revel in relative peace. The terrible beast Narantsetseg, however, sees it merely as a place where prey gathers. Warriors of the Qestir have gathered to slay the creature and ask the help of any willing and able. That is, the tribe would ask if they ever talked.
Battle FATE. A Tall Order 65-69 Onsal Hakair (x20 y15) 15 minutes Defeat the Olkund poachers.
Towering hunters of the Olkund tribe have ventured into Oroniri territory to poach the land of its abundant fauna. Join warriors of the Oronir in protecting their sacred hunting grounds by driving off the Olkundi in the only way they will understand─with brute force.
Boss FATE. Duck and Cover 65-69 The Sea of Blades (x35 y17) 15 minutes Defeat Sampati.
Xaela tribes across the Azim Steppe tell tales of a horrible giant duck that flies from beyond the Nhaama Desert every autumn to sup on the flesh of man. The word for “giant duck” sounds far more imposing in their native languages.
Boss FATE. A Good Day to Die 65-69 The Sea of Blades (x30 y19) 15 minutes Defeat Bukidai the Wandering River.
For several moons, Bukidai the Wandering River worked Reunion's gambling tents, swindling many a hunter of their hard-earned pelts. Upon the discovery of his dishonest deeds, the man was rightly cast out of the city, yet the stubborn Bukidai feels he was wronged and now seeks to re-enter the city, by means of violence if necessary.

Spawn conditions:

  • Speak with the Qestiri merchant.
Defense FATE. Wooly Boys 65-69 The Sea of Blades (x30 y19) 15 minutes Help the Qestiri merchant defeat the mammoths.
A Qestiri merchant finds himself on the wrong side of a mammoth herd and seeks assistance on removing the herd from between him and where he needs to be.

Spawn conditions:

Battle FATE. Rock for Food 65-69 Ceol Aen (x17 y10) 15 minutes Defeat the Ura brutes.
A Xaela youth cozened by Ura miners descended from the mountains to trade their ore for food seeks retribution. While he may be in the right, he is also severely outnumbered, and seeks one brave of heart to stand at his side in his quest for justice.

Spawn conditions:

  • Speak with the Oroniri youth.
Battle FATE. Purbol Reign 65-69 Onsal Hakair (x30 y15) 15 minutes Defeat the purbols.
Something is in the air, and it is far from the sweet, alluring scent of roses or honey. The sound you hear is the collective gags of a thousand thousand Xaela as they suffer the ill winds born of the burps and belches of the dread purbol.
Boss FATE. Eat You Better 65-69 The Sea of Blades (x28 y28) 15 minutes Defeat Undsiig.
Undsiig roams the steppe devouring the land's rare trees, mayhap believing that their gnarled flesh will strengthen his own. Whether or not this is true, the gluttonous seedkin must be stopped before not a single sentinel stands.
Boss FATE. Man to Mangas 65-69 The Sea of Blades (x31 y32) 15 minutes Defeat Tsaagan Mangas.
Many of the Azim Steppe's dzos have been domesticated by the many Xaela tribes which rely on their hair, milk, and meat for survival. Tsaagan Mangas is one exception, this aggressive specimen grown large thanks to years of cunning. If one were to take this legend down, she would be seen as a hero among heroes.
Boss FATE. Not Just a Tribute 65-69 Ceol Aen (x12 y14) 15 minutes Defeat the tribute to Gergei.
A statue honoring legendary hero Gergei the Great has unexpectedly come to life, and appears to be just as hale as the warrior who it is said once slew an army of weasels with a single swing of his mighty fist.
Battle FATE. Good Day to Mate 65-69 Onsal Hakair (x27 y17) 15 minutes Defeat the matamata.
Matamata are irritable enough year-round, but come mating season, the scalekin are downright unruly. It has even been suggested that the only thing keeping the steppe from being overrun is that the number of newborns are offset by the number of matamata killed by in-fighting between males in heat. Well, that and the hunting parties of adventurers.
Defense FATE. Killing Dzo 65-69 The Sea of Blades (x30 y33) 15 minutes Help the tamed dzo defeat the pack gedans.
A young nomad was leading her family's prized dzo back from a nearby watering hole when a pack of starved gedan emerged from the steppe's tall grass, intent on making the livestock its next victim. The girl seeks aid before the hounds close in.

Spawn conditions:

  • Speak with the Olkund dzotamer.
Boss FATE. Hook, Line, and Stinker 65-69 Onsal Hakair (x22 y13) 15 minutes Defeat Stinkskin.
Assigning names to the myriad creatures of the Azim Steppe has never been a strong suit of the Xaela nomads, so when a tribe came across a malcontent matamata whose skin reeked of the funk of forty-thousand summers, they named it Stinkskin and immediately put a bounty on its noisome nob.
Boss FATE. Wham, Bam, Thank You, Mammoth 65-69 The Sea of Blades (x29 y23) 30 minutes Defeat Mahishasura.
When mammoths stampede, not much remains in their wake save blood and dust. When led by the mightiest mammoth of all─Mahishasura─that wake can stretch from one end of the steppe to the other. While the tribes may succeed in slowing the wooly beast, it will take the strength and wile of an adventurer to stop him.
Battle FATE. More than You Chaochu 65-69 The Sea of Blades (x34 y23) 15 minutes Defeat the chaochus.
The ochu of Eorzea are but dainty daisies in a meadow when compared to the horrors that are the chaochu─their reach so long that if you can see one, you are already too close. Their teeth so sharp, they can slice through ten-ilm steel like a hot iron through ice. Their breath so bad, it can make a man retch all the way across the Ruby Sea. (Alright, that last one may be an exaggeration, but you get the picture.)
Battle FATE. They Shall Not Want 65-69 Onsal Hakair (x25 y14) 15 minutes Defeat the Budugan warriors.
Seeking to strengthen their tribe, a band of Budugan warriors have kidnapped a shepherd of the Mol. Will anyone heed his cries?

Spawn conditions:

  • Speak with the Mol shepherd.
Escort FATE. A Walk Through the Valley 65-69 Onsal Hakair (x24 y14) 15 minutes Escort the Mol shepherd to Mol Iloh.
The shepherd is free from his bonds, but fight remains in the Budugan warriors who would see the youth theirs. Drive back the attackers as your new charge navigates the steppe back to the safety of his tribe's village, Mol Iloh.

Spawn conditions:

  • Complete They Shall Not Want They Shall Not Want.
  • Speak with the Mol Shepherd. A FATE icon will not appear over the shepherd but the FATE can be initiated regardless.
Boss FATE. Live for the Mettle 65-69 Ceol Aen (x14 y15) 15 minutes Defeat Manikantha.
Having emerged from Bardam's Mettle seemingly having proved his mettle, the doubly proud and triply vicious Manikantha seeks to sate a hunger grown large on the proving grounds. The Mol, sensing that the beast's hunger may take him to their livestock pens─or worse, their yurts─have sent warriors to slay him, and seek any aid a nearby adventurer might provide.
Defense FATE. The Dataqi Chronicles: Departures 65-69 The Sea of Blades (x27 y30) 15 minutes Help the Dataqi defeat the buzzflies.
Having taken from the land all they dare, the Dataqi tribe has broken camp and begun their exodus to a new home. However, not but a few bells from their departure do they spy a cloud of buzzflies─an ill omen whose arrival may spell extreme hardship in the moons to come. Perhaps if the vilekin were slain, the tribe's fortune may yet be preserved.
Defense FATE. The Dataqi Chronicles: Distractions 65-69 The Sea of Blades (x25 y25) 15 minutes Help the Dataqi defeat the steppe gedans.
As the Dataqi search for a new home, they are hounded every step by literal hounds─steppe gedan who seem intent on following the tribespeople at a distance until their guards are dropped and their bellies exposed.

Spawn conditions:

Item FATE. The Dataqi Chronicles: Duty 65-69 The Sea of Blades (x26 y25) 15 minutes Deliver jugs of warm sheep milk to Altani.
Finally settled in their new home, the Dataqi have returned to their daily routines─one such task being the milking of the sheep. The livestock, however, remain ill at ease in these unfamiliar surroundings, and the tribe's milkmaid seeks assistance in filling the jugs.

Spawn conditions:

  • The Dataqi Chronicles: Distractions The Dataqi Chronicles: Distractions ends in completion or failure.
  • Speak with Altani after ~20 minutes have passed. FATE will automatically begin 5 minutes after Altani begins offering it regardless of player input.
Battle FATE. The Dataqi Chronicles: Deprivation 65-69 The Sea of Blades (x26 y26) 15 minutes Defeat the wild dzos.
Their rations depleted from the long journey, the Dataqi seek to replenish their supply tents. A herd of wild dzos was spotted near the camp, and its meat could feed the tribe for days─moons, even, if the flesh is jerked.

Spawn conditions:

Defense FATE. The Dataqi Chronicles: Deterrence 65-69 The Sea of Blades (x26 y25) 15 minutes Help the Dataqi defeat the steppe gedans.
The Azim Steppe has no shortage of starving hounds, and despite having driven off an entire pack during their last exodus, the Dataqi find themselves surrounded by even more steppe gedan─these even more hungry than the last.

Spawn conditions:

Defense FATE. The Dataqi Chronicles: Desperation 65-69 The Sea of Blades (x31 y21) 15 minutes Help the Dataqi defeat the Ugundi warriors.
A band of Ugundi warriors drunk on fermented goat milk have begun a charge on the Dataqi camp that, at best, could be called reckless. Still, a reckless charge can at any time turn deadly if not prepared. Send the sotted sods back to the steppe that they may sleep this all off.

Spawn conditions:

Defense FATE. The Dataqi Chronicles: Distress 65-69 The Sea of Blades (x33 y19) 15 minutes Help the Dataqi defeat the mammoths.
The tribe has come across a hunter in dire need of aid, having bitten off far more than she can chew in her ill-fated attempt to bring down a mammoth by herself.

Spawn conditions:

Battle FATE. The Dataqi Chronicles: Displacement 65-69 The Sea of Blades (x34 y19) 15 minutes Defeat the gulo gulo.
Any time a new camp is built, the first and foremost task is to clear the area of any wildlife that might pose a threat to the tribe's livestock. To secure this particular location, a pack of gulo gulo must be dealt with swiftly and cleanly, as not to attract any further predators.

Spawn conditions:

Defense FATE. The Dataqi Chronicles: Diplomacy 65-69 The Sea of Blades (x32 y19) 15 minutes Help Gurbesu and the Dataqi defeat Saumanasa.
As if to say “you are not welcome here,” Matanga have descended upon the Dataqi settlement, bent on tearing each and every tent to shreds. It may be time to strike camp and move on, but before doing so, the current threat must be quelled.

Spawn conditions:

Defense FATE. The Dataqi Chronicles: Decimation 65-69 Onsal Hakair (x21 y18) 15 minutes Help Gurbesu and the Dataqi defeat the Matanga.
The slaughter of their brethren has sent the remaining Matanga into a fit of unbridled fury. No longer content with driving the Dataqi people from their territory, the Matanga now seek the death of the tribe's every last man, woman, and child.

Spawn conditions:

Defense FATE. The Dataqi Chronicles: Divergence 65-69 Ceol Aen (x10 y16) 15 minutes Help Gurbesu and the Dataqi defeat the Matanga.
Sounds of fighting in the distance compel the Dataqi nomads to stop and scout ahead, where they find a band of Goro warriors in a heated battle with a party of savage Matanga. Join the scouts in aiding the Goro in their plight.

Spawn conditions:

Defense FATE. The Dataqi Chronicles: Declarations 65-69 Ceol Aen (x10 y17) 15 minutes Help Gurbesu and the Dataqi defeat the Matanga.
Not ones to forgive or forget, a Matanga war party seeking vengeance for their fallen brothers has emerged from the steppe, weapons drawn. There will be no surrender, only death. To which party is yet to be decided.

Spawn conditions:

Defense FATE. The Dataqi Chronicles: Dominion 65-69 Ceol Aen (x10 y17) 15 minutes Help Gurbesu and the Dataqi defeat Anjana.
In a final act of desperation, the crestfallen Matanga plead to their almighty regent, Anjana, for one last boon─to descend from the heavens and vanquish the Dataqi and Goro tribes once and for all. The true trial of the steppe begins...and!

Spawn conditions:

Boss FATE. Don't You Mean Kirata 66-70 Nhaama's Retreat (x11 y22) 15 minutes Defeat Kirata.
Some tribes of the steppe require of their youths the slaying of a ferocious beast, such as a baras, to prove their journey to adulthood is complete. One clever baras─a monster known as Kirata─has learned to use these rites of passage as an opportunity to hunt for the tender flesh of the unbloodied.
Boss FATE. Cold Comes the Wind 66-70 Nhaama's Retreat (x9 y30) 15 minutes Defeat Qatun Coldwind.
Khatayin warriors led by Qatun Coldwind have descended from the north seeking a fight...and it happens the cave-dwelling Uyagir are the first in line. Join the Uyagir in protecting their homes and earn the respect of their peaceful tribe.
Boss FATE. Feel the Noise 66-70 Nhaama's Retreat (x16 y36) 15 minutes Defeat Rudra.
At nightfall, a hush falls over the Azim Steppe, welcoming the Dusk Mother back to her throne that she may reign in blissful silence. In blissful silence if the manzasiri Rudra was not rousing the dead each and every evening with its incessant howling. A great boon is promised to he or she who quiets the veldt.
Boss FATE. Get Out The Vochu 66-70 Nhaama's Retreat (x20 y29) 15 minutes Defeat Vochu.
Without its sea of emerald grass, the Azim Steppe would be but a desert...which is why the foul Vochu must be slain before its draining of the land's lifeblood leaves the region in ruin.
Battle FATE. Buzzkill 66-70 Nhaama's Retreat (x13 y28) 15 minutes Defeat the buzzflies.
Buzzflies do much more than simply buzz. They sting, they bite, and they eat...and eat, and eat, and eat. And what is worse, their preferred fare is the living flesh of the steppe's beastkin, which they douse in digestive juices so that they might sip the liquefied muscle from their victims' bones.
Battle FATE. Razing the Baras 66-70 Nhaama's Retreat (x17 y32) 15 minutes Defeat the baras.
Baras are some of the Azim Steppe's most feared predators. Not only are they lightning fast and possessed of razor-sharp claws, but they tend to hunt in groups, making them all the more deadly.
Battle FATE. The Fangover 66-70 Nhaama's Retreat (x12 y29) 15 minutes Defeat the bi fang.
Driven from Yanxia by helpful adventurers, a flock of bi fang have flown north over the Gensui Chain and into the steppe in search of fresh meat. Fearing their livestock may be on the menu, several of the Xaela tribes seek helpful adventurers to herd the cloudkin back to Yanxia.
Boss FATE. Hat's Off 66-70 Nhaama's Retreat (x19 y31) 15 minutes Defeat Hatan.
Her belly nigh-bursting with eggs, queen of the steppe buzzflies─Hatan─searches for a place to lay her clutch. Knowing the chaos even a single buzzfly can herald, the immediate extermination of Her Royal Vileness is less a suggestion, and more a necessity for survival.
Battle FATE. Burn After Evening 66-70 Nhaama's Retreat (x11 y34) 15 minutes Defeat the fire sprites.
Hot winds blowing from the south have carried several fire sprites from the Nhaama Desert and into the Azim Steppe. If not dealt with immediately, the entire grassland might be in flames before next nightfall.
Battle FATE. Hey, Manzasiri 66-70 Nhaama's Retreat (x18 y27) 15 minutes Defeat the manzasiri.
The nomadic tribes of the Azim Steppe must face many hardships as they journey the grasslands in search of land where their livestock might graze─none of those greater than the wicked manzasiri. These formidable beasts are most feared by the Xaela for their tendency to kill not for food, but simply for the sheer enjoyment of it.
Boss FATE. Khan Artist 66-70 Nhaama's Retreat (x15 y31) 15 minutes Defeat Gulo Khan.
Deadly steppe weasels known as gulo gulo are on the move, scampering and scurrying from camp to camp terrorizing livestock and their poor shepherds. With each taste of blood, the rodents grow frenzied, and only the pacification of their fearsome leader─Gulo Khan─might send them back to the hills, tails 'twixt their stubby legs.
Battle FATE. Fired 66-70 Nhaama's Retreat (x23 y31) 15 minutes Defeat the steppe analas.
What the nomadic Xaela truly fear (other than being slain or captured by aggressive tribes, being captured then eaten by aggressive beasts, and being eaten by aggressive beasts that steal you from a tribe that has captured you) are steppe wildfires, which can see entire herds of livestock starve. For this reason, flame-spouting anala can be afforded little in the way of tolerance.


  • Once unlocked, the daily quests for the Seven Hundred and Seventy Seven (Namazu beast tribe) can be accessed in Doro Iloh.

Musical themes[]

The daytime theme for the Azim Steppe is "Drowning in the Horizon", while the nighttime theme is "He Rises Above".