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The Auracite Chosen is an event in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, based on events from Final Fantasy Tactics.

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Overview Edit

Ivalice, a world cuaght in the middle of a battle that would later come to be known as the War of the Lions.

In this place which appeared in the dimensional vortex, Rain will experience the memories of many warriors, including the man who boasts of the title "Thunder God".

Fighting on behalf of the weak in a land torn apart by social warfare, his selfless actions have left a deep impression on many.

However, witnessing how the power of this "Auracite" crystal changes those seeking to become stronger, Rain begins to feel some discomfort in the fact that he, too, has relied on the strength of crystals.

Now it is time for Rain to experience firsthand the fate that awaited this war-torn land.

King Mog exchanged various rewards for FFBE Red Orb Red Orbs within the event period. Players could obtain Red Orbs by defeating enemies inside the event dungeon. Having units from the then-current Tactics banner in the party gave a bonus to the amount of Red Orbs earned. The units that received a bonus were: Orlandeau (+100%), Soleil (+75%), Ovelia and Lawrence (both +50%).

Rewards Edit

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