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The Auracite Chosen is an exchange event in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, based on events from Final Fantasy Tactics. Players could obtain Red Orb and exchange them for rewards at King Mog's shop during the original claim period, or with the Mog Minister in the rerun.


Ivalice, a world caught in the middle of a battle that would later come to be known as the War of the Lions.

In this place which appeared in the dimensional vortex, Rain will experience the memories of many warriors, including the man who boasts of the title "Thunder God".

Fighting on behalf of the weak in a land torn apart by social warfare, his selfless actions have left a deep impression on many.

However, witnessing how the power of this "Auracite" crystal changes those seeking to become stronger, Rain begins to feel some discomfort in the fact that he, too, has relied on the strength of crystals.

Now it is time for Rain to experience firsthand the fate that awaited this war-torn land.



King Mog exchanged various rewards for FFBE Red Orb.png Red Orbs within the event period. Players could obtain Red Orbs by defeating enemies inside the event dungeon. Having bonus units from the associated Tactics banner in the party increases the amount of Red Orbs earned. The bonus is cumulative so the player can use as many as they can, including one from a companion unit.

The bonus monsters also give additional currency. These will occassionally appear in wave two of ADV, PRO and ELT, replacing Cúchulainn the Impure. It is always any three combination of Chocobo, Black Chocobo and/or Red Chocobo, which drop 100 FFBE Red Orb.png, 300 FFBE Red Orb.png, and 500 FFBE Red Orb.png, respectively. Unlike most bonus monsters, the Red Chocobo could be dangerous (at the time of the original release, at least) if left alive after an attack, as it will start using abilities: he boosts his own attack with 'The Chocobo is Angry!' and could kill a unit with 'Choco Meteor', a powerful magic attack.

Featured units[]

For the event, the units that received a bonus were:


Item Limit Cost
White Staff 1 1,000 Red Orb
Battle Hoop 1 6,000 Red Orb
Durandal 1 18,000 Red Orb
Kiyomori 1 50,000 Red Orb
Crush Helm 1 10,000 Red Orb
Healing Waltz II 1 4,000 Red Orb
Poach 1,200 Red Orb
Lifefont 1,200 Red Orb
First Strike 1 15,000 Red Orb
HP +15% 1 15,000 Red Orb
MAG +15% 1 15,000 Red Orb
Item Limit Cost
Remedy 10 30 Red Orb
X-Potion 10 100 Red Orb
Mega Ether 5 200 Red Orb
Phoenix Down 10 200 Red Orb
Elixir 10 100 Red Orb
Metal Gigantuar 100 100 Red Orb
Screamroot 10 150 Red Orb
Fine Alcryst 10 150 Red Orb
Star Quartz 4 300 Red Orb
3 600 Red Orb
3 900 Red Orb
Red Megacite Blue Megacite Violet Megacite Orange Megacite Yellow Megacite
30 (each type) 100 Red Orb
Sacred Crystal 20 150 Red Orb
6★ awakening materials
Divine CrystalCalamity WritPrismatic HornCalamity GemRainbow BloomFairies' Writ
25 (each type) 160 Red Orb
300 (each type) 540 Red Orb
Rare Summon Ticket
2 500 Red Orb
3 1,000 Red Orb
2 3,000 Red Orb
3 6,000 Red Orb
1★ Trust Moogle (1% ALL) 5 10,000 Red Orb
5★ Trust Moogle (10% ALL) 1 30,000 Red Orb


Musical themes[]

The event's battle theme for both regular enemies and the boss is "Helldance" (called "The Pervert" in the original version), which is the battle theme for the Lucavi, who make up the majority of the encounters (Cúchulainn, Belias, Zalera and Adrammelech). It is the nineteenth track of disc two in the Final Fantasy Tactics: Original Soundtrack.



  • The event is notable for its reward, the Kiyomori katana. While weak attack-wise, it grants the equipped unit the passive Evade and is currently the only weapon that gives 10% evasion (all others give only 5%).