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The Audition and Showdown with Corneo are quests in Chapter 9, "The Town That Never Sleeps", in Final Fantasy VII Remake, taking place in Wall Market. As Cloud Strife and Aerith Gainsborough search for a way to enter Don Corneo's mansion and find Tifa Lockhart, per Aerith's suggestion, Cloud is disguised as a girl to enter, with the approval of Andrea Rhodea.


Head to Don Corneo's mansion in the south end of Wall Market and talk to Leslie inside. Enter further into the mansion, and one of Corneo's lackeys will direct the two upstairs to the room at the end. After this, a cutscene commences.

Following this, Tifa Lockhart joins the party. A treasure chest contains a turbo ether Turbo Ether in Corneos basement from FFVII Remake, and the vending machine sells the track Music discDon of the Slums, as well as previously available equipment. After a Corneo Lackey calls, head out the door and up the stairs on the left, then head upstairs to commence a cutscene.

When Don Corneo chooses Cloud, Aerith is made the party leader. There is a Molotov cocktail in a treasure in the lackeys' break room where Aerith and Tifa regain their normal clothes Molotov Cocktail in Corneos lackeys room from FFVII Remake. Head out onto the balcony and into the room on the right, and two Corneo lackeys are fought. These enemies are fairly durable, and are weak to Fire Fire; Tifa can use martial techniques with Unbridled Strength and link the Fire Materia Fire Materia with Elemental Materia Elemental Materia to deal with them quickly, while Aerith can simply equip the materia and cast Fira Fira against them. Head downstairs, and after defeating more Corneo lackeys, a fury ring can be found behind a small gap between furniture under the staircase Fury Ring under the stairs in Corneos mansion from FFVII Remake. There is also an otherworldly crystal from the third room upstairs: the stairs down lead to a chest.

To proceed, head forward into Corneo's room to commence a cutscene. After this, Corneo poses them a question, and the player has three possible answers. "When they think they've already won". is the correct answer, though it is possible also to simply forego answering by not selecting an option. Regardless of the option, the next quest, "Escape to the Surface", commences in the following chapter, "Rough Waters".