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The Art & Design of Final Fantasy XV, labeled Art & Design - Final Fantasy XV on the cover, is a hardcover book published by Cook & Becker that contains various Final Fantasy XV and Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV artwork. It has a standard and collector's edition; the latter has a different cover and comes with exclusive prints. The first 500 collector's editions sold include certificates of authenticity signed by members of the Final Fantasy XV art team.

Shipped in December of 2017, The Art & Design of Final Fantasy XV features pencil sketches, renders, and digital paintings. The book contains exclusive material, is 220 pages long, and is printed in full color on silk paper. The collector's edition's cover art featured the cast of Final Fantasy XV and included two hand-numbered giclee art prints, contained in a luxury box.

Cook & Becker's designers visited Square Enix's Tokyo office for several days, working alongside the game's art team to gather a range of images, many of which were cut for room or because they were too small to display in high resolution. The game's artists helped with determining the flow and layout, but pushed the publisher to not stick too closely to the game's narrative arc and to not go into "too much detail" about those aspects, and rather focus on showing the art.[1]


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