It's just Golem!

The Ancient Gate is a track and location in the game Chocobo Racing. During Story Mode, Chocobo and Mog set off on their journey when Golem blocks their path through the gate, warning of the dangers ahead. Noticing the blue crystal on his bracelet, Mog challenges him to a race where if they win, they take all the blue crystals.


Course No: 3
Course Length: 1,352 meters
Difficulty: 2/5

The Ancient Gate features many sharp turns which will lead the racers into the walls if handled incorrectly. After making the first turn the racers can choose between going through a tunnel on the right or left. The tunnel on the right leads them through the course while the one on the left will lead them to a wall with a very sharp turn. After going through either one of those tunnels they will go through various other tunnels and arches with the road switching between dirt and stone.

During the last portion of the course the racers will make a small jump off a cliff onto a road with moderate turns before crossing the starting/finish line. The course features various stone structures, statues, and wall designs in the background. The music for this course is a remix of the boss theme from Final Fantasy III, although it may be hard to recognize.



Golem possesses poor speed but excels with his control and traction. Golem's vehicle, the Rockin Roller V8, is also very steady. The best way to defeat him is to take caution during the various turns of the stage. Using Haste stones during the stretches without turns will also help.

Ability: Grip-Up- Allows Golem to maintain better traction and control while driving.

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