The Adamantoise and the Cactuar is a story from Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales. The story is about a Cactuar who wants to race a group of Adamantoise. However, the Cactuar's recklessness keeps getting it into trouble. The story is based on The Tortoise and the Hare, a fable attributed to Aesop.

Volume 1: Race to the Top



Once upon a time, there lived cactus like monsters called "cactuars" and tortoise like monsters called "adamantoises."

One day, a herd of adamantoises stopped at a clean spring to quench their parched throats.

A cactuar came by who was quite thirsty as well. He lined up behind the adamantoises, but soon grew impatient.

"Speed up the guzzling, girls and boyses! No time to wait for adamantoises!"

One of the adamantoises replied:

"We're just taking our time, friend. The water tastes much sweeter when you drink at a moderate pace.

The cactuar did not like the sound of that, not one little bit.

"Moderate pace? What a disgrace! Speed is key, can't you see?"

"'Slow and steady wins the race' is our policy," replied an adamantoise.

"Slow and steady? What a laugh! My blinding speed tears up the path!

"So up that mountain, to the summit! We'll race until I've clearly won it!

"To better the mood, The loser should give the winner their favorite food!"

"We accept your proposal, little friend."

And so the race began between the speedy little cactuar and the slow but steady adamantoises...

Epilogue 1: Prickly Pride

And so the race began! The contenders sped away form the starting line.

The cactuar had put a lot of distance between himself and the adamantoises but unfortunately for him, his mind wasn't as sharp as his prickly spines.

"There's no way I can lose! It's time for a snooze!

With that, the little fellow settled down for a nap -- in the middle of the race, no less!

At the same time, the adamantoises were moving up the mountains, slow and steady, at their very own pace.

A short while later, the cactuar awoke to quite a chock! He peered up the rock path and saw the adamantoises already at the top of the mountain, holding a post-race debate.

"This can't be right! Alas, alack! Restart the race! Yes, take it back!"

"Now, now, little friend, don't forget. Speed is key. You said it yourself."

With his own words turned against him, the cactuar blew his tiny top. He showered the adamantoises with a burst of prickly spines.

Luckily for them, their hard shells protected their delicate skin and it didn't hurt... not even one little bit.

Epilogue 2: Merry Meat

And so the race began! The contenders sped away from the starting line.

As sharp as his spines were, the cactuar had quite the dull intellect, and soon settled down for a nap, content with his current lead.

At the same time, the adamantoises were moving up the mountain, slow and steady, at their very own pace.

The large fellows kept on moving, an with the cactuar fast asleep, they quickly found themselves the victor of the mountaintop.

"We did it! We won!"

The cactuar was at last awakened by their triumphant cheers.

"Winning while I sleep? Ain't that a bit cheap?"

"But a promise is a promise, litle friend," the winners reminded the sore loser.

And so with a sorry look on his face, the cactuar handed the adamantoises their prize: delicious slabs of fresh, juicy meat!

"What a mouth watering feast you've prepared! Why don't you join us?"

"No way! No way! What did you say?

"You really thing that you'd be able to host a loser at your table?"

"The more the merrier is our time-tested faith!"

And so the cactuar and adamantoises enjoyed the sweet taste of victory together as friends.

Epilogue 3: Boulder Barrage

The Game

The general idea of the game is to get Chocobo, riding in the back of an adamantoise, to the top of the mountain. As he makes his way up, boulders fall down, and if the adamantoise gets hit while moving, he will become stunned for a second.

The player controls the adamantoise by spinning their stylus on the bottom screen. Rotating the stylus 90 degrees will rotate the adamantoise 90 degrees for example. When the stylus is lifted off the screen, the adamantoise retreats into its shell, protecting it from falling boulders.

Battle Mode

In battle mode, Chocobo must race other adamantoise up the cliff. The winner is the person who reaches the finish line first.

Trial Mode

In trial mode, Chocobo must reach the finish line as quickly as possible.


Number Requirements Unlocks
1 Finish trial mode in 5 minutes. Unlocked Epilogue 1
2 Conquer battle mode level 1. Nothing
3 Conquer battle mode level 2. Unlocked Epilogue 2
4 Conquer battle mode level 5. Obtained 034 Cactuar - Photosynthesis
5 Finish trial mode within 30 seconds. Obtained 029 Adamantoise - Slowspell
6 Finish trial mode within 25 seconds. Obtained 031 Cactuar - Spinning Needle
7 Finish trial mode without taking any damage from boulders. Obtained 027 Adamantoise - Miraculous Shell

Volume 2: Rescue on the Rapids

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