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CONFIDENTIAL: Regarding Subject Ω
For Security Clearance Level 4
In accordance with the recent evacuation order, seal off Sector Ω completely. After disposing of all related documents so they cannot be traced, initiate Magitek Protocol 24 and eliminate all related officials.

Note in Perpetouss Keep
Omega Files ME 745-X-24th in FFXV

The Ω-Files is a set of research logs concerning Omega from the Windows and Royal Editions of Final Fantasy XV. The logs are chronicled in the Ω-Files section of the Datalog. Omega is a recurring interdimensional superboss in the series. The author of the reports is unknown, but appears to be someone from a unit called "Perpetouss Troop" who works as a researcher for Niflheim. The party can explore an abandoned Perpetouss Keep in Adventurer from Another World, where they can find a note regarding the disposal of documents relating to "Subject Ω".

Research logsEdit

M.E. 745-X-24thEdit

Omega File Map in Aracheole Stronghold in FFXV

Aracheole Stronghold, warehouse in the top middle of the map, inside the small building.

Our expedition into Taelpar Crag produced some curious fruit: the wreckage of what appears to be an armament of antiquity. I have read many reports claiming the lost civilization of Solheim constructed magitek weapons to fell the gods, but to think that one would appear before my very eyes... Though it is damaged, I believe I can get it up and running.

M.E. 745-XI-25thEdit


Fort Vaullerey, a small building along the western wall.

Solheim's "godslayer" is a fascinating feat of early magiteknology. Its high-output laser cannon and dimension-defying mobility are simply breathtaking even by modern standards! Lest our enemies to find out about this wondrous weapon, I have decided to restrict all access to information about the device to senior scientists with Level 3 clearance or higher.

M.E. 746-II-3rdEdit



Formouth Garrison, the third small building along the southeastern wall.

After running a series of anti-ballistic tests, I am pleased to say the magitek device's plate armor is more resilient than I anticipated. Conventional weapons leave nary a scratch, even our most advanced armaments are no match. It is abundantly clear this machine was designed to withstand any assault the gods might make in their fight against humanity. Perhaps the divine, too, would prove powerless before its might!

M.E. 746-VII-29thEdit


Zegnautus Keep, past the elevator where Noctis finds the Generator Keycard, all the way to the east on top of a crate. Missable if the player does not read it during Chapter 13.

Although I successfully repaired the robot by supplementing deficient areas with parts salvaged from our own magitek fleet, I have had no luck in terms of activating the device. It responds ever so slightly when joined with a bit of electric current, yet it nevertheless remains offline. I suppose I am left with no choice but to dismantle the device and discover precisely how it operates.

M.E. 746-X-30thEdit

M.E. 746-X-30th Omega Report location from FFXV

Zegnautus Keep, after upgrading the security card to level 4, the research log is in the room behind the next rest stop. Missable if the player does not read it during Chapter 13.

My researchers were met with the most curious phenomena this morning: the device we dismantled last night had somehow reformed. We lost four workers when a stray laser caught them off guard. Worst of all, my hopes of the weapon staying online were dashed when it abruptly shut down after its rampage. Needless to say, the remaining researchers were less than eager to continue their work.

M.E. 747-I-14thEdit

Omega Report M.E. 747-I-14th location in FFXV

Zegnautus Keep, after Noctis reunites with Gladiolus and Ignis, the research log is in the room north of the next objective with the blue hologram of the building. Missable if the player does not read it in Chapter 13.

It is with regret that I hereby suspend my plans to restore this magitek weapon to full functionality. The spineless powers that be fear further "incidents"—and my efforts to activate and control the device were futile, it seems. If it is some sort of autonomous armament, then only divine intervention could bring the mech back online. Until that time comes, however, the device shall remain sealed.

M.E. 755-VI-23rdEdit


Causcherry Plains base, watchtower in the northeastern corner outside the Perpetouss Keep base.

This morning, the higher-ups ordered the Perpetouss Troop to disband. It appears those nosy researchers have finally caught onto our plan. That simply means we'll need to hide the device before they get their grubby hands on it. I've decided to leave some scraps we salvaged from Taelpar strewn about the base as bait—a diversion that ought to buy us enough time to dispose of any potentially incriminating evidence while fleeing from the authorities.


Omega (capital: Ω, lowercase: ω; Greek Ωμέγα) is the twenty-fourth and last letter of the Greek alphabet. It is synonymous with a set's end or limit.


  • The Ω-Files are reminiscent of the Omega Reports from Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-, reports where researchers wondered about the nature of Omega. The Omega in the Final Fantasy VII universe is not the same Omega as the one in Final Fantasy XV, however, but rather Omega Weapon—a monster rather than a robot—although both Omegas are recurring superbosses in the series.
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