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That Detestable Child is a time-limited event where Prishe from Final Fantasy XI can be added to Mog's group of warriors. This paralogue of the main scenario is located after Chapter 6.


Story CutscenesEdit

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The Fight for Survival:

It is recommended that you clear Ch. 6: Domina Wastelands before playing.

  • Mog: There's a Torsion in here, kupo! I can feel it!
  • Penelo: No one let your guard down. Who knows what might be lurking in the shadows.
  • ???: Raaaaaah!
  • ???: ...Rah? The heck are you guys?
  • King: The heck are you?
  • Prishe: I'm Prishe! My fists and I are cleaning up the monsters around here. Nice to meet ya!
  • Onion Knight: Well, aren't you the cheerful one.
  • Warrior of Light: I sense an exceptional power within her—something grand.
  • Warrior of Light: And...
  • Prishe: Hm? What's up? Something on my face?
  • Warrior of Light: No, it's nothing.
  • King: At the very least, it doesn't look like you're the enemy. ...Care to join us?
  • Mog: I can sense the light within her! She's one of us, kupo!
  • Warrior of Light: Prishe, we are also on a journey to defeat the monsters that terrorize this world.
  • Prishe: Really? What a coincidence!
  • Prishe: Looks like there's only one way to settle this: first one to defeat all the monsters wins!
  • Penelo: W-wait... You're turning this into a game?
  • Prishe: Yep! What better motivation than a little competition?
  • Prishe: Well, catch ya later! Don't get yourselves killed!

(Prishe runs away)

  • Prishe: You monsters are gonna be sorry when I find you!
  • Mog: She could have at least listened to what I had to say, kupo.
  • Onion Knight: We'll just have to explain things next time we run into her.
Running on Empty:
  • Prishe: Ughhh... It's not...over yet.
  • Yang: Prishe!?
  • Shantotto: Oh, what is this I see? Already giving up on your killing spree?
  • Prishe: If only...I had something to eat...I wouldn't have lost.
  • Zidane: Something to eat? What, you trying to feed the monsters or something?
  • Prishe: No, you dummy! Something for me to eat!
  • Prishe: I'm so hungry I can barely move. You guys got anything?
  • Warrior of Light: Very well. You may eat with us.
  • Yang: Mog, let us feast and appease her hunger.
  • Mog: Right on it, kupo!

  • Prishe: Wow, that was delicious! Thanks a bunch.
  • Mog: Kupo! You almost cleaned us out.
  • Prishe: My bad! I haven't had anything in days! Not a single eatery in sight around here.
  • Zidane: So I'm guessing you came here from another world, too?
  • Prishe: Another world? The heck you talking about?
  • Yang: I know this may surprise you, but you have been summoned to another world.
  • Mog: We're searching for people like you to help us close the Torsions, kupo.
  • Prishe: Oh, okay! I don't get it, but gotcha!
  • Zidane: Which?
  • Prishe: I mean I don't really understand what's going on, but I totally get that you need my help.
  • Warrior of Light: That should do for now.
  • Prishe: Have no fear, Prishe is here! One good Howling Fist and those monsters are toast!
  • Shantotto: That's a rather optimistic mood when just moments ago you were crying for food.
  • Prishe: Heh! I'm countin' on you guys to keep me full!
  • Zidane: I hope there's enough for the rest of us...
Food First!:
  • Mog: We sealed the Torsion, kupo!
  • Prishe: Heh, I even amaze myself sometimes!
  • Prishe: All right, then. Time to eat!
  • Hope: She sure doesn't hold back how she feels.
  • Rem: Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.
  • Prishe: Oh?
  • Prishe: Rem, are you jealous?
  • Rem: Huh!? H-how did you know!?
  • Prishe: I know what people are thinking. Not like I want to though. It just happens.
  • Warrior of Light: Are you implying that you can read minds?
  • Prishe: Nothin' so fancy as that. Let's just say I went through a lot when I was young.
  • Bartz: When you were young? You still look plenty young to me.
  • Rem: It sounds like there's a lot more to you than meets the eye.
  • Prishe: Yeah, but don't worry about it. Just 'cause I can read your mind doesn't mean I'm gonna do something funny.
  • Prishe: I don't like snooping into other people's business, and besides...I honestly don't care what other people think.
  • Prishe: Anyway, let's get something to eat! I'm starving!
  • Hope: I'm not sure I can keep up with her...
  • Prishe: Oh, come on! Don't be like that! Let's be friends!
  • Prishe: Things are about to get exciting! I can feel it.
  • Mog: I hope she didn't read my mind, kupo...
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