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A view of Thanalan.

Thanalan is a region in Final Fantasy XIV, located outside of Ul'dah. The region contains the dungeon areas of Copperbell Mines and Nanawa Mines. Most of its fauna are suited to the desert, including various arthropods and a strange crystalbacked creature called a Coblyn. In its center lies the city-state of Ul'dah.

Aetheryte Camps[edit | edit source]

  • Black Brush
  • Drybone
  • Horizon
  • Bluefog
  • Broken Water

Hamlets and Cabins[edit | edit source]

Golden Bazaar[edit | edit source]

In addition to being the ultimate destination of the popular Skull Valley Caravan Security activity, this is the location of Thanalan's Hamlet Defense activity. Also worthy of note, it contains three different Achievement NPCs.

Silver Bazaar[edit | edit source]

This is the destination of the Horizon Caravan. The lower-level Caravan out of Camp Horizon travels here.

The Coffer & Coffin[edit | edit source]

The Achievement NPC for Quests is found here. It is just off the road leading to Vesper Bay.

Mythril Pit T-8[edit | edit source]

This cabin is located at grid reference (40, 27) near Halatali.

Dungeons[edit | edit source]

Nanawa Mines[edit | edit source]

A view of the Nanawa Mines.

Nanawa Mines is located near Camp Black Brush towards the center of the map at grid reference (27,20). They are used in a few class quests. They are also a Grade 5 mining location.

The mines are known for their bomb population, the ashes of which are used in making Steel Ingots. None of the monsters here exceed Level 35.

Copperbell Mines[edit | edit source]

A view of the Copperbell Mines.

Copperbell Mines can be accessed from a tunnel under Camp Nophica's Wells towards the south of the map. In-game the player will find it at grid reference (19,29).

The Copperbell Mines are primarily populated by antlings above Level 30, but chigoes above Level 40 live in the small cells branching off the main tunnels. Qiqirns are found in a spot labeled "The Dancing Mole".

The Sil'dih Aqueducts.

The Lambs of Dalamud, a cult involved in the Seventh Umbral Era storyline, used the otherwise sealed Sil'dih Aqueducts for their rituals. This was the only way to enter the area, and now it is completely inaccessible and likely won't be open again.

Cutter's Cry[edit | edit source]

Title scene of Cutter's Cry. Cutter's Cry has the same geology as Copperbell Mines.

Cutter's Cry is an instanced dungeon located at grid reference (27, 13). One of the biggest challenges of the dungeon is the bursts of sand that will either steal a player's HP or MP. They should be avoided by hugging the walls at certain points, as they alone are capable of finishing off the unwary.

It is populated primarily by antlings, some of which ranking high in the Antling "military". The Myrmidon Princess is the first boss to be challenged in Cutter's Cry, and she will periodically call a swarm of her minions, as well as a guard and a warden, to her aid during battle.

In the dungeon's deepest chamber is the Chimera, the final boss. The number of chests dropped upon his defeat depends on if certain conditions are met during the rest of the dungeon.

Landmarks[edit | edit source]

There are several hidden landmarks throughout Eorzea. Many of these landmarks are indicated on the map in Eorzean, but otherwise go unmarked and in many cases unused.

Vesper Bay[edit | edit source]

Ferry sailing into Vesper Bay at night.

Vesper Bay is the furthest western landmark in Thanalan. It contains a Chocobo Stable and the docks for the free ferry that conveys players between here and Limsa Lominsa.

Zahar'ak[edit | edit source]

A screenshot of the inside of Zahar'ak.

The stronghold of the Amalj'aa is located at grid reference (48, 40), directly east of Broken Water. It has simple iron gates that open when guards are killed, as well as many other Amalj'aa structures.

This is the hunting ground for anyone wanting enough Inferno Tapers to fight the Amalj'aa's Primal, Ifrit, in the Bowl of Embers (Hard). As the beastmen near the entrance are all just under Level 50, this task is not difficult.

What is difficult, however, is reaching the NM leader in the innermost parts of the stronghold, Flamefist Ahlygg Roh. As parties get closer, the level and number of beastmen climbs dramatically, typically overwhelming a full party of 8.

Amalj'aa Altar[edit | edit source]

The Amalj'aa Altar in Eastern Thanalan.

Located at grid reference (41, 33), the Amalj'aa Alter is a small gather site for the beastmen. What exactly distinguishes it from the Amalj'aa Encampment nearby is unknown.

Mutamix Bubblypots[edit | edit source]

Mutamix Bubblypots is a Goblin located at grid reference (29, 20). As a Materia guru, he is the main NPC in the quest line for learning how to create and meld Materia. His underlings will also help the player learn this process, as well as teach them about Catalysts. His location is not marked on the map whatsoever unless the player has the incomplete quest in the journal.

Ceruleum Field[edit | edit source]

Ceruleum refineries in Northern Thanalan.

Located in the middle of Northern Thanalan, north west of Bluefog, the advanced structures in the Ceruleum Field are often mistaken by players as Mako Reactors. Ceruleum is the power source most commonly used by the Garlean Empire.

This area is inaccessible, but it can be viewed from behind fences at various locations such as (21, 8). Getting to a good viewing spot can be treacherous, as there are many high level dragons and diremites in the Bluefog area.

Nald's Reflection[edit | edit source]

Nald's Reflection in Southern Thanalan.

Nald's Reflection is located at grid reference (36, 37), northwest of Broken Water. It is a cave shrine with a statue of the god Nald, one of the twins that make up Nald'thal, one of the Twelve. It is used as the battleground of the final Black Mage quest.

Thal's Respite[edit | edit source]

Thal's Respite in Eastern Thanalan. Thal's sword is S-curved.

Thal's Respite is located at grid reference (43, 19), east of the Golden Bazaar. It is a cave shrine with a statue of the god Thal, one of the twins that make up Nald'thal.

Little Ala Mhigo[edit | edit source]

Little Ala Mhigo in Eastern Thanalan.

Inside the Mountain located at grid reference (38, 32) is a small village of Ala Mhigan refugees. The Ala Mhigans were once a proud civilization before they were conquered by Garlemald. Little Ala Mhigo asserts its sovereignty, not adhering to the laws of either Gridania or Ul'dah.

While this village is used in one of the Main Scenario quests, it is also the home of the NPC involved in all of the Monk quests.

Antling Burrows[edit | edit source]

The Antling burrows at (43, 47) in Southern Thanalan).

There are a few spots in Thanalan that have burrows leading underground. As the monsters in the area are almost exclusively of the Antling variety, it is assumed that these lead to their homes.

One of the burrows, located at grid reference (43, 47), leads to a cave that is off-limits, which the NPC here will also tell the player. An invisible wall will give them a message saying that they cannot go any further. It is likely this cave was meant to be used in a later addition to the game before 2.0 was conceived.

Landforms[edit | edit source]

A canyon in Thanalan.

Many of the mesas in Thanalan are hollow and have strange varieties of plant life. In Western Thanalan, some of these caves contain Lalafell Assassins. In Eastern Thanalan, some of them connect with underground tunnels leading to the lower sections of the Horizon area, such as the Footfalls node.

The canyons that link to either Northern or Southern Thanalan are populated almost exclusively by flying fauna, such as birds, gnats, and even Ahrimans.

Musical themes[edit | edit source]

"Twilight over Thanalan"

"Twilight over Thanalan" played in all of Thanalan areas.

The battle theme of this area is "Quicksand".

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Of the three starting areas, Thanalan has seen some of the worst effects of the Seventh Umbral Era. It was the first to have Atomos appear, and as a result the strongest of the Deepvoid have appeared here.
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