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Thanalan ARR 01

A view of Thanalan.

Thanalan (ザナラーン, Zanarān?) is a region in Final Fantasy XIV, located outside of Ul'dah. Most of its fauna are suited to the desert, including various arthropods and a strange crystalbacked creature called a Coblyn. In its center lies the city-state of Ul'dah.


Many people, when they think of Thanalan both in-universe and out, are tempted to think of it as nothing but a trackless, sun-baked wasteland. This is far from the truth - while Thanalan is generally arid, it is only the Sagolii Desert proper that can be called desolate and lacking in vegetation. Much of Thanalan is more like a savanna, with somewhat sparse but active plant life which can get notably more lush near major sources of water, particularly in Western, Central and Eastern Thanalan, following the rivers. As a result, the geography varies significantly - from Central Thanalan's relatively flat plains to the towering canyons of Eastern Thanalan to the massive dunes in the Sagolii.

Of the three starting areas, Thanalan has seen some of the worst effects of the Seventh Umbral Era. It was the first to have Atomos appear, and as a result the strongest of the Deepvoid have appeared here. The aftermath of Dalamud has resulted in some of the most spectacular landscape changes, particularly in Eastern Thanalan.


One of the great City-States of Eorzea. Ul'dahn culture is known for its affluence, and the nation's wealth comes from its abundant mineral resources and prestigious clothcrafting industry.

Western Thanalan[]

Coastal landscapes along the Strait of Merlthor.

Central Thanalan[]

A rugged desert along the northwestern walls of the city-state. A rail line runs through the area to facilitate mining operations.

Eastern Thanalan[]

An open savannah extending towards the Black Shroud and Paglth'an. The Calamity opened a chasm that exposed an ancient tomb.

Southern Thanalan[]

A sprawling desert divided only by hills and Burnt Lizard Creek. The Amalj'aa have a stronghold deep within the desert. The U tribe of the Seekers of the Sun reside at an oasis on the edge of the Sagolii Desert.

Northern Thanalan[]

Barren mountains rich in ceruleum deposits. The industrial extraction of the substance has given the entire area a perpetual blue haze.

The Goblet[]

This secluded residential district is managed by the Immortal Flames for use by adventurers.

Manderville Gold Saucer[]

A theme park created by Syndicate member Godbert Manderville in hopes of raising Eorzea's spirits.

Aetheryte Sanctuaries[]

  • Ul'dah - Steps of Nald
  • Black Brush Station (Central Thanalan)
  • Horizon (Western Thanalan)
  • Camp Drybone (Eastern Thanalan)
  • Little Ala Mhigo (Southern Thanalan)
  • Forgotten Springs (Southern Thanalan)
  • Camp Bluefog (Northern Thanalan)
  • Ceruleum Processing Plant (Northern Thanalan)
  • Manderville Gold Saucer



Version 1.0[]

Because of Ul'dah and Thanalan's geographic placement as the middle of the three starting regions, it saw very frequent use by adventurers. Beginners joining their friends were encouraged to start in Ul'dah due to it being the predominately active city-state, both commercially and socially, bringing new players to the Black Brush area.

The addition of Ifrit, the game's first Primal, brought veterans to the Broken Water area, and Cutter's Cry brought them to Bluefog. Veins of gold, rich gem deposits, and rosewood trees garnered the attention of gatherers of every level. Ul'dah and Thanalan were so popular over time that players often defaulted to this desert for activities that could otherwise be done elsewhere, such as Guildleves, Behest, and Chocobo Caravan escorts.


Screenshots of 2.0 Thanalan were shown at E3 2012. Though it looked largely the same as it always has, the addition of railroad tracks near an Aetheryte Camp piqued the interest of many interviewers. There was also an image of a Dragoon fighting a large Coeurl in Thanalan. The only Coeurl in the original game was a notorious monster in Shposhae appropriately named the "Lone Coeurl".

During the Alpha test, concept art of an ancient statue (now confirmed to be below the Highbridge) and a few others were mistakenly placed on the promotional site where there should have been in-game screenshots of Ul'dah.

Musical themes[]

"To the Sun" plays in most areas of Thanalan. "Fleeting Rays" plays at the Burning Wall. "Discordance" plays in Northern Thanalan. "Machinations" plays in camps in Northern Thanalan. "Smoulder" plays in the encampment of the Bortherhood of Ash. "Pitfite" plays in Zahar'ak. "The Land Burns" plays during battles in Thanalan.


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