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A young woman born with the gift of magic through her half-Esper blood. Robbed of her emotions, she was put under Imperial general Kefka's control until the Returners rescued and welcomed her into their resistance. Only through her journey does she find out what it means to love.


Terra is a playable character in Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia who can be recruited during Chapter 4 of the main storyline.



Terra wears a sleeveless red dress with floral patterns, two long red gloves, several different sashes around her waist, and a pale pink cape. She wears patterned white tights and pointed red and gold high-heeled boots.

In her "Benevolent Maiden" costume, Terra has green hair, and she wears a fuchsia sleeveless dress, pointed boots, and wrist guards, and pink shoulder pauldrons and sash around her waist.


When first met Terra regrets her actions for attacking the party even though the others tell her it isn't her fault she still felt remorseful. She is determined enough to fight Kefka alone and still trusts Mog when he was controlled by the Blackened Will. After she spends enough time with Mog's party, she becomes more cheerful.


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Summoned into the conflict by Materia, Terra is recruited by Mog at the Snowy Peaks of Crudelis. She is initially under the control of Kefka and set as the pilot of a Magitek Armor unit. She engages Mog's party and is defeated by them, whereupon a magical device falls from her head. Although some in the party worry over her allegience, they decide to help her. Terra remains unconscious for part of their journey through the Peaks. When she awakens, she explains that she had fought Kefka and was defeated, whereupon he brainwashed her and forced her to fight.

Terra retains most of her memories except those of her time in the new world. She is deeply remorseful over her actions, but Cloud and Bartz assure her that it wasn't her fault. Believing that Kefka wishes to destroy the new world as well as their own, Terra immediately agrees when they ask if she will join them. Though defeated by Kefka when she was alone, she willingly confronts him when the party finds him again.

Although she appears in the same circumstance at the beginning of her own game, Terra is a member of the Returners when she enters the new world, as she knows Shadow and refers to him as a friend when they encounter him in the Palace of Malitia. She is, however, irritated with him in the Imber Manor when Layle tells her that Edgar is leading the Returners, a fact which Shadow neglected to tell her.

As doubts surface about their mission in the world and Mog, Terra tries to reassure the Warrior of Light that they've made their own choices. Although she acknowledges that she doesn't know how far they can believe their moogle guide, she still chooses to trust him in spite of the warning from Edgar that Layle passes along. Her trust in Mog is damaged in Utopia Niveus when he admits that he can't be sure none of them will be tempted by the Emperor's offer. Terra is appalled and reminds him that he personally brought each one of them into the party. She is even more horrified when Mog accepts Kefka's dimensional coordinates. After it is revealed that Mog has been possessed by the Blackened Will, Terra is the most insistent that he can be saved and returned to his normal self.

During the party's journey into the World of Darkness, Kefka again resurfaces with a plot to "rebirth" the Blackened Will using the Dark Manikins of Celes and Terra as vessels. Terra is particularly determined to put an end to Kefka's destructive scheme, just as she did in their homeworld, in spite of the others' concern about her emotions. When the party encounters the broken and berserk manikins, she and Celes both insist on fighting them and allow them to pass away peacefully after their defeat.

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Despite her use of swords as weapons, Terra's proficiencies are fully in magic attacks. A common strategy is to have her Meltdown a foe to raise her MAX BRV and follow up with Meteors to chip HP. Her EX is effective as a Minus Strike, gaining more power the closer her HP drops to zero.


Image Name Grade CP Effect
DFFOO Organyx (VI) Organyx (VI)


5★ (EX) 70 Equips the EX Ability Riot Blade.
It features a light grey metallic blade, a golden royal-looking cross-guard and a golden and black hilt.
DFFOO Enhancer (VI) Enhancer (VI)


5★ 35 Increases Meteor+'s potency and extends the duration of Attack Up and Speed Up.
Terra's signature weapon in the Dissidia games, based on an artwork by Yoshitaka Amano.
DFFOO Falchion (VI) Falchion (VI)


5★ 15 Blood Rush: Meltdown (Chant) ATK Up duration+
Self: BRV x1.2 with Meltdown+
DEF Down duration+
It features a curved jade and golden blade, a winged cross-guard decorated with a pink jewel and a dark green hilt that ends in a golden ornament decorated with another pink jewel.
DFFOO Rune Blade (VI) Rune Blade (VI)


4★ 10 INT BRV +55: Raises INT BRV by 55.
Its design comes from Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.
Image Name Grade CP Effect
DFFOO Gale Hairpin (VI) Gale Hairpin (VI)


5★ 90 HP +680 and DEF +84
DFFOO Mystery Veil (VI) Mystic Veil (VI)


5★ 35 Raises INT BRV by 110.
Raises ATK by 72.
It is made of a light blue cloth and has been embroidered with golden thread and decorated with purple jewels.
DFFOO Jeweled Ring (VI) Jeweled Ring (VI)


4★ 20 HP +680: Raises HP by 680.
It is made of white gold and is decorated by several golden linings, it also features a light blue jewel embedded at the top of it.


Command abilities
Move Type Image
BRV Attack
BRV, Magic DFFOO Terra BRV Attack
BRV Attack
Steals enemy's BRV.

BRV Attack+
Requires Meltdown Extension and Magitek stack of 1 or higher.

  • Increase number of BRV hits to 2.
  • Moderately raises its total potency.
  • Grants 3 stacks of Magitek (max 9 stacks).
HP Attack
HP, Melee DFFOO Terra HP Attack
HP Attack
Expends BRV to deal HP damage.

HP Attack+
Requires Meteor Extension and Magitek stack of 1 or higher.

  • 1-HIT magic BRV+HP attack.
  • BRV stolen can overflow up to 120% Max BRV.
  • Grants 3 stacks of Magitek.
Meltdown (Chant)
Self, Buff DFFOO Meltdown (Chant)
Self-casted buff that increases BRV (1.5x), has quick action delay and upgrades the HP attack.
It grants the buffs ATK Up I for 4 turns and Max BRV Up I for 5 turns
HP, Magic, Debuff DFFOO Meltdown
HP attack with low action delay.

Inflicts Small Defense Down for 2 turns. Condition: Instant.

Magitek Meltdown+
HP, Magic, Debuff DFFOO Madou Melton
Requires Meltdown Extension and Magitek stack of 5 or higher.
  • Increase number of BRV hits to 2.
  • Tremendously raises its total potency.
  • Deals 50% HP damage to other enemies.
  • Costs 4 stacks of Magitek.
Meteor (Chant)
Self, Buff DFFOO Meteor (Chant)
Self-casted buff that increases BRV (1.5x), has quick action delay and upgrades the HP attack.
It grants the buffs ATK Up I for 4 turns and SPD Up I for 5 turns
HP, Magic, Debuff DFFOO Meteor
10-HIT BRV+HP attack with low action delay.

Inflicts Small Speed Down for 2 turns. Condition: Instant.

Magitek Meteor+
HP, Magic, Debuff DFFOO Madou Meteor
Requires Meteor Extension and Magitek stack of 5 or higher.
  • Turns the BRV hits to AoE.
  • Moderately raises its total potency.
  • Moderately raises BRV damage dealt to a single target.
  • BRV stolen can overflow up to 180% Max BRV.
  • Costs 4 stacks of Magitek.
Set Magitek Boost
Self, Buff DFFOO Set Madou Boost
Grants 3 additional stacks of Magitek (max 9 stacks).

Tremendously raises Max BRV.

Riot Blade
EX Ability, BRV+HP, Magic, Buff DFFOO Riot Sword
3-HIT BRV+HP attack.

Potency increases as HP goes down. Grants Large Max BRV Up for 5 turns. Requires Organyx's passive. Condition: usable when EX gauge is filled.

Passive abilities




  • She was controlled by Kefka's Slave Crown before joining the party.
  • Her cuddling of Mog alludes to her love of moogles in the Dissidia series.
  • Her EX Ability gets more powerful the lower her HP is, referencing its origin as a Desperation Attack.
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