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Terra, initially known as ????? and then Girl, is a playable character in Final Fantasy VI. She is the first party member the player controls and a required party member for much of the first half of the game.



Terra's stats are well balanced, but she excels in magic, having among of the highest magic stats in the game; at base 39, she is second only to Relm for highest base Magic, and she also has innately high MP and Magic Defense, as well as decent Magic Evasion. Her Strength and Evasion are average, while her Speed is decent, and her only low stat is her Stamina, at base 28, which makes it slightly below average. Alongside Celes, she's also the only character who can learn some spells naturally by leveling up.

Name Initial Stats
Strength 31
Speed 33
Stamina 28
Magic 39
Attack 12
Defense 42
Evasion 5%
Magic Defense 33
Magic Evasion 7%
Escape Success 4
HP Gain 40
MP Gain 16
Level Averaging +0
Level HP MP EXP +
2 51 20 32
3 63 24 96
4 77 29 208
5 94 34 400
6 114 40 672
7 136 46 1056
8 160 53 1552
9 186 61 2184
11 241 78 3936
12 271 87 5080
13 306 97 6432
14 345 107 7992
15 389 117 9784
16 439 127 11840
17 493 137 14152
18 550 148 16736
19 611 159 19616
21 743 181 26360
22 812 192 30232
23 884 204 34456
24 960 216 39056
25 1039 228 44072
26 1121 240 49464
27 1207 252 55288
28 1297 265 61568
29 1392 278 68304
31 1591 304 83184
32 1692 317 91384
33 1794 331 100088
34 1896 345 109344
35 1999 359 119136
36 2103 373 129504
37 2209 387 140464
38 2316 402 152008
39 2424 417 164184
41 2645 447 190416
42 2758 462 204520
43 2872 478 219320
44 2988 494 234808
45 3105 510 251000
46 3224 526 267936
47 3344 542 285600
48 3466 559 304040
49 3591 576 323248
51 3849 609 364064
52 3980 624 385696
53 4113 638 408160
54 4247 651 431488
55 4383 663 455680
56 4520 674 480776
57 4659 684 506760
58 4801 693 533680
59 4945 701 561528
61 5237 714 620096
62 5385 719 650840
63 5535 724 682600
64 5687 730 715368
65 5840 736 749160
66 5995 743 784016
67 6151 750 819920
68 6309 757 856920
69 6469 765 895016
71 6791 781 974536
72 6946 789 1016000
73 7097 797 1058640
74 7242 804 1102456
75 7382 811 1147456
76 7518 818 1193648
77 7650 824 1241080
78 7776 830 1289744
79 7896 836 1339672
81 8126 847 1443368
82 8236 852 1497160
83 8344 857 1552264
84 8449 862 1608712
85 8551 867 1666512
86 8651 872 1725688
87 8749 877 1786240
88 8844 883 1848184
89 8936 889 1911552
91 9114 901 2042608
92 9201 907 2110320
93 9286 914 2179504
94 9369 922 2250192
95 9451 931 2322392
96 9531 941 2396128
97 9614 952 2471400
98 9700 964 2548224
99 9788 977 2637112


Terra has a wide variety of equipment. She begins the game equipped with a Mythril Knife, Buckler, Leather Cap and Leather Armor. Her ultimate weapon in the GBA and later versions is the Apocalypse, and is won from Red Dragon in Dragons' Den.

Her weapons include all swords but for Save the Queen, which is exclusive to Celes, and some daggers and maces. Terra's armor encompasses all shields and all heavy armor, as well as female-exclusive equipment. She also can equip most hats, light armor, and robes.

Terra's large equipment draw further lends to her versatility as a character. When she rejoins the party she can make good use out of the Flametongue, Icebrand, and Thunder Blade with her high magic boosting the spells they randomly cast, and if the player acquired a rare Rune Blade, Terra's high MP works well with its ability to consume 10 MP to deal automatic critical hits.

In the later game, magic-boosting weapons like the Enhancer let her get the most out of her spellcasting potential. With a Genji Glove to dual-wield two Enhancers, Terra has +14 Magic, the highest boost possible, and this can be done as soon as the player acquires the airship in the World of Ruin and recruits Terra. More offensively inclined swords like the Ragnarok, Lightbringer, and Ultima Weapon, allow her to be a powerful attacker instead.

Terra's Apocalypse and the Lightbringer share the effect of dealing automatic critical hits by consuming HP, both boost her Strength and Magic by 7, and both also increase her Evasion and Magic Evasion. Coupled with her many armor options like Force equipment, Genji equipment, and the Minerva Bustier, that provide high defenses and elemental resistances, and Terra has terrific potential to excel at both physical and magical combat and being resilient to enemy attacks.


Daggers Swords Maces Universal


Shields Helmets Body Armor


Terra enters Trance.

Terra's unique ability is Trance, also known as Morph, where she transforms into an esper. She does not have access to the ability at the start of the game and acquires it after rejoining the party after the events of Zozo.

While Terra is transformed, the damage she deals is doubled and the magic damage she takes is halved. Her ATB gauge is replaced with a green gauge that slowly decreases, and when it empties, she automatically uses the Revert command to turn back into her normal state. She can also Revert at will at any time. Whether Terra Reverts when the gauge depletes or when the player commands it, she cannot enter Trance again for the current battle. The length of time Terra can stay in Trance depends on the amount of Magic AP she has gained after battle. If she has not gained enough, she cannot enter Trance, and if her Trance gauge depletes during battle, she will not be able to enter Trance in the next battle until she acquires enough Magic AP again. The maximum amount she can have is 255.

In the second battle with Humbaba, Terra enters Trance at the start of the battle and remains that way for the duration of the fight, and cannot use Revert. Following the battle, Trance's duration doubles. Terra also often enters Trance and transforms for story purposes, but this never has any effect on her abilities in battle aside from the Humbaba battle.

Terra's Desperation Attack is Riot Blade, which deals magical damage to one enemy.

When riding Magitek Armor, Terra has four additional Magitek abilities exclusive to her: Banisher, Confuser, Bio Blast, and Magitek Missile. The latter is significantly stronger than the three attacks other characters have, and Confuser and Bio Blast give her options for groups of enemies other characters lack. If brought into the Dreamscape, Terra retains her expanded Magitek skillset.

Terra is one of two characters to naturally learn magic as she levels up without equipping magicite. Compared to Celes, who learns attack and status spells, Terra focuses on healing and attack magic. Terra learns the Fire line of spells, contrasting with Celes's Blizzard spells.

Magic Level
Cure 1
Fire 3
Poisona 6
Drain 12
Magic Level
Raise 18
Fira 22
Teleport 26
Cura 33
Magic Level
Dispel 37
Firaga 43
Arise 49
Holy 57
Magic Level
Break 68
Graviga 75
Meltdown 86
Ultima 99



In the World of Balance, Terra is a required party member from the start of the game up to the end of the Lethe River sequence, with a brief period of inactivity when Locke and the Ten Moogles are defending her in Narshe. Following the Battle for the Frozen Esper Terra leaves the party and rejoins after completion of the Magitek Research Facility and viewing her flashbacks of the Esper World. She is then a required party member for the journey through the Cave to the Sealed Gate and the Imperial expedition to Thamasa and the Espers' Gathering Place.

In the World of Ruin, Terra is recruited in Mobliz in a two-part scenario. The first part can be done as soon as the player begins the World of Ruin, or later after acquiring the Falcon. After finding the children of Mobliz living underground and speaking to Terra, the player will control her in battle against Humbaba. Humbaba is invincible and Terra will eventually fall, and the player's current party will fight him until he flees.

After the Falcon is acquired, the player can return to Mobliz and find Terra in a basement of a separate building, and Humbaba attacks again. During the battle, once he has taken sufficient damage, Humbaba will use Humbaba Breath to remove two random party members from the battle. After a cutscene, Terra rejoins the party and the fight with Humbaba begins again. Terra is permanently in Trance in this battle, and will automatically equip herself with the strongest equipment in the inventory (she will not equip Relics). After the battle Terra will rejoin the party.

Story role[]

When returning to Narshe after the events of the Magitek Research Facility and Zozo, the cutscene of the meeting with Banon and the Elder of Narshe changes slightly depending on if Terra is in the active party or not; if she is, she walks aside when speaking up about their plan, if she is not then she enters the house on her own to join the conversation.

If the player enters the Imperial Observation Post blocking the Cave to the Sealed Gate without Terra in the party, they will refuse to go on without her. Conversely, entering the outpost with a party of only Terra will have her hesitate and go back. This is a failsafe due to a scripted battle with Kefka in the cave where the party members other than Terra fight him.

Terra's reaction to the Queen's diary.

When exploring the Ancient Castle and the party finds the Queen's Diary that discusses her love for Odin, if Terra is in the party, there will be a brief additional scene where she muses on there being love between a human and an esper, a reflection of her own mother and father.

When the party dresses up Gau to meet his father, Terra will have dialogue in the scene if she has been recruited. She does not need to be in the active party for her dialogue to trigger.

If the players puts off recruiting Terra before entering Kefka's Tower and completing the game, there will be an additional scene before the final battle where she senses the party needs her in Mobliz, and enters Trance and flies away. Once Kefka is defeated, Terra will arrive and the ending will proceed with her taking part as normal, including her ending scene. This makes Terra the only character whose ending scene can be viewed without recruiting her, everyone else has their scene skipped.

Unused sprite of Terra in Kohlingen.

A dummied sprite of Terra's esper form exists in the map data for Kohlingen. During the search for Terra after she transforms and flies away from Narshe, the citizens of Kohlingen make reference to her appearing near the town and burning down a house. It is probable that a scene of Terra at Kohlingen was intended but unimplemented and the sprite is a leftover of those plans.

Item duplication glitch[]

There is a bug exclusive to the Game Boy Advance version where during the final battle, the function that replaces fallen party members accounts for fourteen characters, despite there being a maximum of twelve characters brought to the dungeon. As a consequence, if each tier is completed with a lone survivor, Terra will join the battle regardless of her presence and recruitment status. Therefore, when two instances of Terra are present, duplicating her handheld equipment becomes possible.