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Terra's flashback, is an event location in Final Fantasy VI. It is a dream world formed from the mind of Terra Branford as a reflection of her past.

Story Edit

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When Terra escapes from Narshe soldiers, after the raid on the town, she falls down to a pit and loses consciousness. She will then receive a flasback from her past with the Gestahlian Empire, which included her being placed under the effects of the Slave Crown by Kefka Palazzo, her wiping out several Imperial soldiers at Kefka's behest, and her witnessing Emperor Gestahl's declaration of war speech. Locke will later find her after the flashback sequence and the Moogle battle will commence.

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  • The battle sequence here is unique.
  • Dummied data for the scene revealed that Terra when being supplied with the Slave Crown was an unwilling participant in the procedure, as Kefka was standing over her while she was struggling against him and yelling "No! Get away!"
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