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Terncliff is a town in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. It is visited as part of the Sorrow of Werlyt storyline. The buildings are made with white brick and have blue rooftops.


Terncliff is a coastal town situated south of the imperial city of Werlyt, although it is located far too high above the water to benefit from its proximity to the sea. The town is mainly populated by Hyuran natives and Au Ra who migrated to the region.

Terncliff came under Garlean control following the invasion of Werlyt; not long after, construction began on an airship supply depot, built directly into the rockface. Ten years prior to the events of Shadowbringers a deadly epidemic affected the town, though the Garlean forces prioritised their own over the local inhabitants, causing many to die in agony.

The town would later be chosen as a research site for the empire's Weapon experiments, under the direction of the new VIIth Imperial Legion legatus Valens van Varro. After the defeat of the Ruby Weapon at Cinder Drift, reports emerge of another Weapon being transported to Terncliff. In response, the Warrior of Light, together with Cid Garlond and Gaius Baelsar, is dispatched to eliminate the threat piloting the Garlond Ironworks' latest invention, the G-Warrior. The Warrior of Light successfully uses the G-Warrior to defeat the Sapphire Weapon and its pilot, Ricon.

Following the Sapphire Weapon's defeat, Eorzean Alliance troops liberate the town and begin to investigate the remnants of the Weapon program. Gaius and his companions Severa and Valdeaulin remain behind in Terncliff to track down the other Weapons. After the Emerald Weapon is defeated at Castrum Marinum in Western Thanalan, Gaius' ward Allie is taken into custody and moved to Terncliff to recuperate. After the events at Castrum Marinum, Terncliff resident and former imperial conscript Avilina enlists the aid of the Warrior of Light to build a monument to those who were conscripted and sent off to die by the Garleans.

As Werlyt grows more rebellious against the Garleans following the fall of so many of the VIIth Legion's Weapons, many of its citizens join the Revolutionaries and in an ironic twist, name their former conqueror, Gaius Baelsar, as their leader and Terncliff becoming their base of operations. Ultimately, the Diamond Weapon was destroyed, Valens van Varro was killed leaving the VIIth Legion devastated, the capital city was liberated and the last of Gaius's wards, Allie, was saved, allowing Werlyt to be finally free of imperial occupation.


Terncliff can only be reached by talking to the Resistance Escort in Porta Praetoria in the Lochs. Only a small portion of the town can be explored. The remains of the Sapphire Weapon can be seen floating in the sea below.

The hangar formerly used to store the Weapons can be accessed by talking to the Ironworks Technician. Although it cannot be freely explored, the player can ask the Ironworks staff for details on the G-Warrior's capabilities, as well as pose next to it.


Terncliff's weather may exhibit any of the following conditions:

  • Fair Skies weather icon from Final Fantasy XIV.png Fair Skies


Triple Triad[]

Name Image Location Time Match Rule(s) Owned Cards Reward(s) Match Fee
Furtive former imperial ? (5.0, 6.8) Always Fallen Ace, Swap Armored Weapon
Asahi sas Brutus
Magitek Predator
Magitek Sky Armor
Ruby Weapon
Sapphire Weapon
The Ultima Weapon
Sapphire Weapon

64 MGP

Musical themes[]

"And Love You Shall Find", a melancholy piece that combines motifs from "Imperial Will" and "Penitus", plays during day and night in Terncliff. "Defender of the Realm" plays inside the G-Warrior hangar.