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Sir Terence[2] is a character in Final Fantasy XVI. He is the second-in-command of the Holy Order of the Knights Dragoon of the Holy Empire of Sanbreque and Prince Dion's bodyguard.[2]


Terence was born in the year 850, into a family of minor nobles from the Holy Empire of Sanbreque. He enrolled in a monastery school with Prince Dion Lesage when he was 7.[1]

In the year 862, he officially became Dion's squire, and became a dragoon in the year 865.[1]

During a battle that took place in the year 868, Dion was severely wounded while shielding Terence from an incoming attack. While overseeing Dion's care, Terence confessed his romantic feelings, which he had always thought to be unrequited. Dion accepted his confession, and the two became lovers at Dion's insistence.[1]

In the year 870, Terence was appointed the position of second-in-command of the Holy Order of the Knights Dragoon: a Sanbrequois military branch established by Dion in the same year.[1]

In the year 873, he appeared on one of the hills overseeing the Battle of Belenus Tor alongside Dion, who was about to face Odin in the form of Bahamut. When Dion returned to the camp after the battle, Terence gave him a missive that warned him about saboteurs in the Holy Capital.

Terence looking at Dion with concern.
Terence and Dion sharing an intimate moment.

Terence and Dion.

In the year 878, Terence was bandaging Dion's right arm and expressed his concerns over Dion's health due to his use of Bahamut's power. The two exchanged a kiss and words of support. In the middle of discussing a strategy to defend Twinside, the empire's new capital after abandoning Oriflamme as capital, a messenger entered the tent to deliver news about Olivier Lesage's accession as emperor. Dion vowed to return to the palace, but as Terence was about to leave to ready Dion's steed, two unknown figures entered the tent. Terence went for the hilt of his sword, but Dion stopped him, for he recognized one of them as Joshua Rosfield, followed by his attendant, Jote.

After they returned to the Seat of the Imperial Court now situated in the Crystalline Dominion, Dion asked for Terence's opinion on the coup he had planned. He assured Dion that both he and their dragoons were devoted to him and would follow him unto the very end.

Terence and Dion's farewell from FFXVI

Dion orders Terence to go to Twinside and find Kihel.

After the destruction of Twinside, he reunited with Dion, and with what remained of the Holy Order, they went to Ran'dellah to assist in its defense against the Akashic. As he was ordering one of his men to gather dead bodies and build a pyre, Dion called him away for a private talk. Dion handed him written instructions and a pouch, telling him to search for and take care of Kihel, a medicine girl whom Dion owed his life to, and officially released him from his service. Terence did not want to leave Dion's side, but was convinced after understanding Dion's want to atone with only his own strength, and tearfully bid him farewell.

Terence found Kihel in Twinside, and they left the city shortly before the rise of Origin. Their whereabouts are unknown.



Terence has a clean-cut appearance with short brown hair, gray-blue eyes, and a muscular physique. Despite his high-ranking position, he wears the standard Holy Order guard set, and carries a sword.


Terence is a kind-hearted and intelligent commander who is loyal to Dion, responsive to his orders and tending to his wounds. He offers Dion military advice, and provides him with unconditional support.