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Restores HP and MP. If you ask a save moogle, he will restore everyone's HP and MP.
Final Fantasy IX description

The Tent (テント, Tento?) is a recurring item from the series. In some games, the Tent completely restores the HP and MP of all allies, and in others, it only recovers a specific amount of HP and MP. Tents can usually be used on the world map and at Save points. As of Final Fantasy X and beyond, the Tent item has hardly appeared in games.

In some games, another item, called a Cottage, usually appears.

Appearances Edit

Final Fantasy Edit

Partially restores party's HP and MP. Can only be used outdoors.
Also called Cabin
Effect Use on the World Map to restore a fair amount of HP and MP (a small amount of HP in the NES release).
Buy Every town except Melmond.
Find Chaos Shrine, Castle Cornelia, Mt. Duergar, Cavern of Earth, Sage's Cave, Mount Gulg, Dragon Caves, Mirage Tower
Drop Hillgigas, Manticore
Cost 160 gil
Sprite TentFF1 FFI PSP Tent Sprite

Final Fantasy IV Edit

Restores all allies' HP and MP. Can be used in the field.
Effect Use on the World Map or a save point to restore a fair amount of HP and MP.
Buy All item shops
Find Baron Castle (x3), Baron (x2), Mist Cave, Water Cave, Damcyan Castle, Antlion's Cave, Mt. Hobs, Fabul, Troia Castle (x2), Cave of Eblan
Steal Beam Cannon, Ghost Knight, Centaur Knight, Soldieress, Centaurion, Black Knight, Fell Knight
Drop Beam Cannon, Ghost Knight, Centaur Knight, Soldieress, Centaurion, Goblin, Desert Sahagin, Black Knight, Li'l Murderer, Adamantoise Fell Knight, Amoeba
Cost 100 gil
Sprite FFIV TentFF4 PSP Tent

Final Fantasy IV -Interlude- Edit

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Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Edit


The Tent can be bought from all stores, and can also be won or found throughout the game. It restores 1000 HP and 100 MP to the entire party.

Final Fantasy V Edit

Recover all members' HP and MP. Can be used outdoors.
Effect Use on the World Map or a Save point to restore 1000 HP and 100 MP.
Buy All item shops
Find Tule (x2), Wind Shrine, Pirate's Hideout, Ship Graveyard, Walz Castle, Jacole Cave
Steal Skull Eater, Sand Crawler
Drop Drippy, Iron Dress, Pao, Tatoo, Karl Boss
Cost 250 gil
Sprite FFV Tent

Final Fantasy VI Edit

Fully restores the entire party's HP and MP. Can be used outdoors.
Effect Use on the World Map or a Save point to restore all HP and MP. Removes Blind, Zombie, Poison, Invisible, Imp, Petrify, and KO.
Buy All item shops.
Find [WoB] Mt. Kolts - Chest, [WoB] Mt. Kolts - Chest, [WoB] Magitek Factory (Vector) - Chest, [WoB] Cave to Sealed Gate - Chest
Steal Sergeant
Drop Sergeant, Black Dragon, Phantom Train, Number 128
Morph Templar, Borghese, Suriander, Vulture, Killer Mantis, Anguiform, Brainpan, Devoahan, Sandhorse, General, Kamui, Wartpuck, Devoahan, Twinscythe, Misfit, Oceanus, Demon Knight, Imperial Elite, Aspidochelon, Greater Mantis, Rukh
Cost 1,200 gil
Image FFVI TentFFVI Tent2FFVI Tent3FFVI Tent4FFVI Tent5FFVI Tent6FFVI Tent7FFVI Tent8FFVI Tent9FFVI Tent10FFVI Tent11FFVI Tent12FFVI Tent13FFVI Tent14

Final Fantasy VII Edit

Restores ally's max HP/MP. Use at Save Point.
Effect Use on the World Map or a Save point to fully restore HP and MP.
Buy Every item shop.
Find Sector 4 Underground, Mythril Mines, Mt. Corel
Steal Gremlin
Drop Bandit, Stilva
Cost 500 gil

Final Fantasy VIII Edit

Effect Use on the World Map or a Save point to fully restore HP and status.
Buy All item shops
Find D-District Prison, Balamb Garden (during Missile launch)
Steal Elite Soldier, Base Leader
Drop Esthar Soldier (Cyborg)
Refine *Healing Water x1 = Tent x2 (Tool-RF)
*Regen Ring x1 = Tent x5 (Tool-RF)
Cost 1,000 gil

GFs require a Pet House to be healed.

Final Fantasy IX Edit

Effect Use when talking to Moguo on the World Map (blow the Moogle's Flute) or a Save Moogle to restore 50% of maximum HP and MP. Can be used in combat to fully heal, with a 50% chance to inflict Poison, Blind, and Silence on either an enemy or a party member. Does not revive fallen party members.
Buy All item shops.
Find Alexandria (disc 1), Alexandria (disc 2), Alexandria (disc 3), Ice Cavern, Lindblum, North Gate, Burmecia, Cleyra's Trunk, Conde Petie Mountain Path, Madain Sari, Hilde Garde 3
Steal Adamantoise, Agares, Anemone, Ash, Bandersnatch, Cactuar, Carrion Worm, Carve Spider, Cerberus, Dendrobium, Dragonfly, Gargoyle, Gigan Toad (B), Grand Dragon, Grenade, Grimlock Red, Ladybug, Lizard Man, Mandragora, Myconid, Red Dragon, Sneaker Bat, Shell Dragon (B), Troll, Type A, Type C, Wyerd, Zaghnol, Zombie, Amdusias (B)
Drop Cactuar, Cave Imp, Ladybug, Lich (Crystal World), Mandragora, Stilva, Type C, Gizamaluke, Hilgigars, Scarlet Hair
Cost 800 gil

Final Fantasy Legend II Edit

Tent doesn't have any icon before its name. It can be bought in numerous towns across the various worlds for 10000 GP or found in chests. It only has 1 use, and also increases a Robot's HP by 9 when equipped on them. It acts like an inn, recovers all HP to all allies.

Final Fantasy Legend III Edit

Tent recovers 100% of HP and MP of the entire party, but it can't be used during battle. It can be bought for 2000 GP on the Talon, Dwelg Town, Knaya, and Zhakal.

Final Fantasy Dimensions Edit

Effect Restores 1000 HP and 100 MP when used at a Save point or on the world map.
Buy Lux
Cost 200 gil

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Edit

Tents are used in the Labyrinth mode. When the player chooses the EXIT card, they can create a tent to store accumulated gear to be retrieved at a later session. If the Geomancer card is in play, they can also retain any equipment marked with a cave symbol without losing them. Tents are marked by an orange symbol on the Labyrinth map.

Upon returning to the associated corridor, stored items will be retrieved upon selecting the Tent card. Only one tent can be placed at a time; any new tent created will replace the old one. Placing a tent will not affect any existing cottage.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call Edit

The Tent is a healing item that can only be used in Quest Medleys. It allows the player to camp out in the field to fully restore their HP and adds a day to the count. It can be obtained randomly after completing a Music Stage.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper Edit

Whenever the current party rests within a Record by expending Gems or Mythril, a Tent is deployed, restoring all HP and removing status ailments for all members. Any attached abilities are fully recharged, and the Roaming Warrior selected for the Record will have both of his/her summon charges restored.

Currently, the resting theme is "Good Night!" from Final Fantasy V.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Edit

A portable magic tent, a single night's rest in which can restore an entire party to full health and magic. An indispensable item for adventurers who spend extended time on the road, with nary an inn in sight. That said, it is not quite as restful as a night in bed, both for the thought that monsters may lurk outside, and hardness of the earth beneath one's sleeping bag.
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Gallery Edit