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Serah Farron attempting the Crystal Bonds Temporal Rift.

Somewhere in a void beyond spacetime float temporal rifts. To escape these timeless labyrinths, adventurers must unlock crystal mysteries and resolve paradoxes. Temporal rifts will be an important part of your journey through the main story; but there will be many other occasions when side stories and quests will bring you to these mysterious places.

Online Description

A Temporal Rift (時の迷宮, Toki no Meikyū?, lit. Time Labyrinth) is a gameplay element introduced in Final Fantasy XIII-2. They are extra-dimensional spaces located between the timelines and present the player with various puzzles, known in-game as "anomalies" to solve. In order to exit a Temporal Rift, the trials the player is presented with must be cleared. Each anomaly can be retried, or given up if the player becomes stuck.

The puzzles can be undertaken as many times as is needed for the player to solve the puzzle, and some of the puzzles have time limits. Some rifts have as few as two trials, while others have as many as six. Each trial within a particular rift will always be of the same type.


Temporal Rift - Tile Trial[]

The Void Beyond harbors extra-dimensional spaces known as Temporal Rifts. To escape a Temporal Rift, you must undergo the trial set forth by the crystals and resolve the presented anomaly.

This particular rift features a disappearing floor. Any tile you pass over will fade into nothingness, so think carefully about the route you must take to collect all the crystals before reaching the exit portal!

Temporal Rift - Crystal Bonds[]

To escape this Temporal Rift, you must restore the bonds between crystals of the same shape and color.

If you press and hold X / A when on a tile that holds a crystal, a shining line will be drawn along your subsequent path. Simply move to a crystal of the same shape and color to connect them.

The shape and color of the crystals will continuously change, so careful timing is essential. Once all the crystals have been connected, exit through the portal to continue your journey!

Temporal Rift - The Hands of Time[]

The mystery of this Temporal Rift is known as 'The Hands of Time.' To resolve this anomaly, you must erase all the crystal numbers from the clock face.

You can choose any of the numbers from which to start. When you stand on a crystal number and press X / A, the two clock hands will move, and the crystal you are standing on will disappear. Starting from the location where you are standing, the clock hands will tick in opposite directions, and come to rest in positions a number of spaces away equal to the crystal number that disappeared.

You can now choose to erase a crystal number from one of the positions where the clock hands have stopped. These positions will be marked with a glowing circle.

Think carefully about where the clock hands will end up as you choose which crystal number to erase. If both clock hands stop in positions where no crystal numbers are present, you have no choice but to select Retry.

Once you have erased all the crystal numbers, you can continue to the exit portal!

The Wisdom of Moogles[]

A time labyrinth is a work-in-progress space that its creator couldn't be bothered to finish because of a paradox, kupo. We can transform it into what it should be by resolving the paradox, kupo!

I'll bet the creator was lazy and irresponsible, kupo! What? That sounds like me? N-no, it doesn't, kupo!

List of Temporal Rift anomalies[]

Tile Trial[]

Tile Trial.

Tile Trial, known as Vanishing Floor in Japanese, is a puzzle where once the player crosses a tile, it disappears. The player must gather all the crystals and reach the far side of the maze. White tiles can be stepped on twice, whereas red tiles disappear as soon as the player leaves. If the player stands too long on a tile it will vanish under the player's feet and the player will lose the game. In some puzzles, the crystals will shift from tile to tile and may only be collected once they have shifted to certain tiles.

Crystal Bonds[]

Crystal Bonds.

Crystal Bonds, known as Crystal Bond in Japanese, is a game where the player must connect crystals of the same color and shape. The crystals morph over time, and the player must complete their task within the time limit. Each set depicts a monster of some sort, in the form of a constellation.

The Hands of Time[]

Hands of Time.

The Hands of Time, known as Clock's Needle in Japanese, is a puzzle that is a big clock face and the player must step on numbered crystals, and press a button to make the crystals disappear. The clock hands will move around the clock face a number of places equal to the number that disappeared. The player's goal is to make all the crystals disappear. Some of these puzzles are timed, with the numbers changing location if the player resets the puzzle, while others allow an unlimited time for solving and do not change.

The Hands of Time puzzles never appear as the storyline minigame.

Musical themes[]

The Temporal Rift has its own theme, also called "Temporal Rift".


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