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Temple of Kiltia.

The Temple of Kiltia is an underground temple in the center of Leá Monde below the Grand Cathedral in Vagrant Story. It was once the center of the Kiltia sect, but then was used by the Iocus Priesthood once that religion took supremacy in Valendia. The temple grounds were used as a meditation chamber before the destruction of Leá Monde. Now it, like the rest of the Dark City, is crawling with monsters. The temple is located between the Limestone Quarry and Town Center East.


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Sydney Losstarot waits in the Temple of Kiltia for Riskbreaker Ashley Riot to appear. He is surprised by Jan Rosencrantz who wishes to take Sydney's power of the Dark for himself. Though Rosencrantz beats Sydney, the Müllenkamp leader refuses to give up his Blood-Sin to one as unworthy as Rosencrantz.

Ashley Riot arrives, having fought his way through the temple to reach Sydney. Though Rosencrantz disarms Ashley, Sydney surprises his enemy by bringing one of the statues to life. The monstrous creature, Kali, cuts Rosencrantz down in a single blow. Ashley is left to defeat it before he moves on to the final part of his journey.

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Hall of Prayer[]

First visit:

All later visits:

The Chapel of Mesachaunce[]

Those Who Fear The Light[]

Chamber of Reason[]


The Dark Coast[]

Magic Circle

Hall of Prayer[]

Battle Prize:

  • Agrias's Balm
  • Grimoire Purifier
  • Alchemist's Reagent

The Chapel of Mesachaunce[]

Battle Prize:

  • Titan's Ring
  • Elixir of Queens
  • Alchemist's Reagent (X3)


  • Frost Maiden
  • Sonic Bullet
  • Ghost Hound
  • Cure Potion (X2)
  • Mana Potion (X2)
  • Silver Key