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Redundancies[edit source]

It may be better to merge some pages as the lists are pretty much redundant. Basically the following:

Chrono Cross (talk) 15:52, May 14, 2016 (UTC)

Technically speaking, it's much more complicated than you might think:
  • The Ouya was dropped because of a bad design flaw, and officially can't run every game on Android since we're not really given a whole lot of info on which version it was running as of its last known update. Started with 4.1.
  • Amazon's a tricky beast. True, Fire OS is Android-based, but has veered far enough away from Android that anything with explicit Google hooks will not work. Some app versions are mot aligned with those on Google Play, which would make tables a bit strange. Amazon Appstore has folded into Amazon Underground as well, which smashed together the Appstore and all of the other retail stuff that Amazon does. Amazon thus follows its own set of rules, and should remain separate from Android as such.
  • Square Enix Online Store is another beastly thing. YES, it is digital distribution as Steam is, BUT it's also a depot for hard copies of SQEX games and official bling (toys, jewelry, etc.) that you can have delivered to you.
  • Steam runs under Windows and Macintosh; although SQEX's library can only run in Windows, that fact doesn't make the games Windows games by default. The classic games found on Steam are ports of the mobile releases; to package these for Windows seems to make better business sense.
  • Some of the proposed mergers would make those articles very long and very heavy—two things we really need to get away from with all these mobile devices whizzing about. I recently merged Microsoft Windows with an older bit on Windows Phone because the latter was very small as its own article, and because Microsoft now speaks of Windows as one platform manifest in three ways.
  • And as for iOS, yeah, that needs real work. You've got version ant pricing data in App Store's entry that didn't make it in to iOS proper. How can you merge these two stylistically dissimilar tables? The same applies to Play Store with Android.
Any other thoughts? Swordzmanp236 (talk) 08:51, February 17, 2017 (UTC)
From my understanding, the point of these platform articles is to list the Final Fantasy games they were released on. If two articles have the exact same listing such as in the case of iOS and App Store (the two lists will always match), I believe it is better to merge them. Of course, there is a difference between iOS and App Store, but this wiki is all about Final Fantasy. If a platform didn't have a FF game, it wouldn't have an article here. I have changed my mind about the PC lists, I think they are better this way. Chrono Cross (talk) 06:28, February 23, 2017 (UTC)
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