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Template:Tooltip is used for creating tooltips that display text when hovered over. It can take any HTML or wiki markup when hovered over, and can be used within tables or templates. The JavaScript is based on dev:Tooltips.

The Tooltip template should be used sparingly in articles, as it is a JavaScript-based template that does not function on mobile. However, it can be used within tables or templates such as infobox templates, to display more data than can fit in fields on desktop.


{{tooltip|display text|text when hovered over}}

outputs as as:
display text(text when hovered over)

Full use:

{{tooltip|text= |tip= |style= }}



unnamed 1 or display

The basic text to be displayed by the tooltip template. Hovering over this will reveal the tooltip.


unnamed 2 or tip

The text, HTML, or wiki markup to be displayed when hovering over the tooltip text.



The style attribute for any inline styles that modify the display text.