Template:Quote is used for formatting pull quotes.

This template depends on Module:Quote
This template uses Lua. To make adjustments to this template, edit the module page.


{{quote |text= |person= |source= |align= |width= }}



<unnamed 1> or text or quotetext

The text to be quoted. If possible, it is preferred to copy and paste this text directly from the source (e.g. a script page).


<unnamed 2> or person or personquoted

The name of the character being quoted, with a link to that character's article (if applicable).


<unnamed 3> or source or quotesource

The source of the quote. If the source is a game script, link directly to the section from which the quote was taken.


(default: "center" )

The alignment of the quote. The default is for it to be in the center, though left or right will format the quote in a block and float it to the left or right, respectively.


(default: "300" )

The width of the quote, only applicable if align is set to left or right. It is generally recommended to not change this value, as a quote too big will squeeze the content around it too much, and a quote too small will squeeze the text within it too much.


  • {{q}}

See also

  • {{dialogue}}, used for formatting multiple lines from characters in a dialogue quote.
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