Template:Mbox (message box) is a meta template used for the standardized presentation of messages, such as notices, disclaimers, or warnings. All message boxes are dismissible via the × symbol in the top right.

A typical mbox on the Final Fantasy Wiki follows the same format, with a well-known character from the Final Fantasy series giving a quote, an associated image of the character to the left. They should are normally used to automatically add a hidden category onto the pages on which they are placed. This can be set with <includeonly>[[Category:CATEGORY NAME HERE|{{PAGENAME}}]]</includeonly>.

For the full documentation of the technical aspects of the mbox system, see dev:Mbox. The parameters listed below are used for the Final Fantasy Wiki's implementation specifically.

This template depends on Module:Mbox
This template uses Lua. To make adjustments to this template, edit the module page.





The file name and extension of the image of the character declaring the quote.

(default: "75" )

The width of the image in pixels. This generally does not need to be changed.


The link to the character page of the character giving the quote. If the character page has a surname, or a tag, in the title, use charname to only display the first name.


The name of the character giving the quote. This is the display text for the link to the character page, and only required if charlink contains a surname or tag in the title.


The quote of the Final Fantasy cbaracter, used as the header text of the mbox. This quote must be relevant to the notice of the mbox at hand.


The text content of the message box, presented below the header.


The text content of the message box, presented below the header. This is where one would describe the notice in detail.


A class used for the mbox if it is to be themed differently, such as the delete class for {{delete}}.



|image=FF7 - Tifa Portrait.png
|charname=Tifa Lockhart
|charquote=Be strong.
|text=This page is currently weak. Please strengthen this page.


Complex examples

|image=Userbox ff7-cloud.png
|charname=Cloud Strife
|charquote=I couldn't finish 'em. Looks like this's gonna get complicated.
|text=The following tables are incomplete and require the {{{1}}} areas to be filled. If you wish, please examine the table and add anything missing. Remove this notice upon completion.
This template does not really differ. Its main difference is that it uses its own parameters within it, meaning that, assuming the mbox was titled "unfinishedsection", using {{unfinishedsection|[whatever needs to be added to fill the section]}} would be optimal.
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