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This template is used to display Japanese characters and pronunciation.

Type {{J|Japanese|Rōmaji|Literary meaning}}
Result (Japanese, Rōmaji?, lit. Literary meaning)

For example:

Type '''Necron''' {{J|永遠の闇|Eien no Yami|Darkness of Eternity}}
Result Necron (永遠の闇, Eien no Yami?, lit. Darkness of Eternity)

An optional fmt parameter allows the display text to be changed. The default is (j,r). Below are examples of alternatives, j(r), r(j), j, and j,r.

Type {{J|リヴァイアサン|Rivaiasan|fmt=j(r)}}
Result リヴァイアサン (Rivaiasan?)
Type {{J|リヴァイアサン|Rivaiasan|fmt=r(j)}}
Result Rivaiasan (リヴァイアサン?)
Type {{J|リヴァイアサン|fmt=j}}
Result リヴァイアサン?
Type {{J|リヴァイアサン|Rivaiasan|fmt=j,r}}
Result リヴァイアサン, Rivaiasan?

fmt can contain any string. Instances of j are replaced with the input Japanese, r with the rōmaji, and l with the lit. translation. If l is not used and there is a lit. translation given then it always goes after either the Japanese or rōmaji, whichever is used second (although both would be required).

Spacing is ignored and handled automatically. To preserve spacing and to print "j", "r", or "l" characters, square brackets can be used and their contents remain. Square brackets can be printed literally inside of square brackets, however the "j", "r", and "l" values cannot appear inside them.

Type {{J|リヴァイアサン|Rivaiasan|Leviathan|fmt=[Japanese [katakana]: ]j[, Rōmaji: ]r[, Lit. translation: ]l}}
Result Japanese [katakana]: リヴァイアサン, Rōmaji: Rivaiasan?, Lit. translation: Leviathan
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