Template:Infobox location section is an infobox template used for subsections of specific areas on locations. The infobox is used alongside {{infobox location}}, which is used for the entire page.


Place the following below the relevant subsection for the area underneath a Geography section.

{{infobox location


|area [n]=
|[n] npcs=
|[n] items=
|[n] shops=
|[n] encounters=
|[n] bosses=
|[n] quests=
|[n] sidequests=

|battle bg=

(Where [n] is a number 1 through 5.)

For sections that comprise multiple areas, values input into the above parameters will apply to all sections. If any of the above are preceded by a number (e.g. 1 items), values will only apply to the section in question and will override the one suggested in the non-specific parameter (e.g. items).





The name of the infobox, if different from the article name (otherwise leave empty).


(default: "series" )

The codename of the main release game. The release chosen is based on their original appearance in the respective subseries, per Scope order, or their first playable appearance.



The file name and extension of the infobox image.


npcs or 1 npcs up to 5 npcs

The non-player characters found in the area. This refers to characters that can be found here in gameplay, and not ones that reside here in lore.


items or 1 items up to 5 items

Any items that can be found in the area in list form. This includes items found through treasure chests, and does not include those found in shops.


shops or 1 shops up to 5 shops

Any shops that can be found in the area.


encounters or 1 encounters up to 5 encounters
(default: "None" )

The enemy encounters found here. This refers to the specific group of enemies that can be encountered, if applicable; otherwise, simply list the enemies.


bosses or 1 bosses up to 5 bosses

Any bosses fought in this area.


quests, sidequests or 1 quests up to 5 quests, 1 sidequests up to 5 sidequests

Any quests or sidequests that can be completed in the area. If a page for the quest exists, link to it; otherwise link to the section on the location page.


area 1 or area 5

If the section describes multiple areas, name the other areas described.


battle bg

The file name and extension of any battle backgrounds for the area.

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