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Description Please summarize this image by editing the file page.
Source The source from which the image was acquired is not provided. Please source this image by editing the file page, or it may be in danger of deletion.
Author / artist Square Enix
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It is presumed that the use of this file on a work like the Final Fantasy Wiki is permissible, per at least one of the following conditions:
  1. It does not inhibit the original copyright holder's ability to profit from the work.
  2. The use of this file could be seen as a means of promotion, or has been used as such before.
  3. The use of this file in a manner such as that of the Final Fantasy Wiki has been declared generally permissible before by the copyright holder.

Template:Infobox file is an infobox template (technically a table) used for files.


Place the following at the top of the file page.

{{infobox file
|description       = 
|source            = 
|author            = 
|licensing         = 
|other versions    = 
|other information = 




A comprehensive but concise description of the file. Should at least include a link to the subject matter and the game to which it is relevant.



The source of the image, using {{ref}} if it is a series release, or a URL to the original site. As with description, this parameter is not required for the template to function but is required as a matter of policy.


(default: "Square Enix" )

The author of the image. This parameter defaults Square Enix, the primary and original developer of the Final Fantasy series, as this is the most common value. However, if the picture is of a released developed by a different company, if it is attributable to an individual artist, or if it is not from a series release, this parameter must use a specified value.


(default: "presumed" )

The license under which the file is being used. This parameter defaults to a blanket "presumed permission" license, though others may be specified using pre-set inputs:


other versions

Any derivations of the image or other images closely related to it. Note that the existence of this parameter does not condone duplicate images, but is instead used to link images that may be of related utility.


other information

Any additional information relevant to the use, organization, uploading, or origin of the file.