This page contains usage information for Template:Infobox enemy stats FFVI.

Template:Infobox enemy stats FFVI is an infobox template used for enemies in Final Fantasy VI. It is used in "Stats" sections, and is accompanied by {{infobox enemy}}, which is used at the top of the page.

Template:Infobox enemy stats FFVI/data is a component template for {{infobox enemy stats FFVI}}. This is used to construct the template, and is where all stats information and logic is contained.

This template depends on Module:Multi-section template and Module:FFVIMorph
This template uses Lua. To make adjustments to this template, edit the module page.


Place the following below a "Stats" section in the article.

{{Infobox enemy stats FFVI
| snes = 
| ps = 
| gba = 
| ios = 
 prev no and next no are generated automatically-->
| ps prev no = 
| ps prev = 
| ps bestiary = 
| ps next = 
| ps next no = 
| gba prev no = 
| gba prev = 
| gba bestiary = 
| gba next = 
| gba next no = 
| ios prev no = 
| ios prev = 
| ios bestiary = 
| ios boss = 
| ios next = 
| ios next no = 
| level = 
| hp = 
| mp = 
| attack = 
| magic = 
| defense = 
| magic defense = 
| magic evasion = 
| speed = 
| hit rate = 
| evasion = 
| exp = 
| gil = 
 Those that inflict normal can be excluded-->
| fire = 
| ice = 
| lightning = 
| poison = 
| holy = 
| earth = 
| wind = 
| water = 
 Those with no affinity can be excluded
 "Immune" or "Auto"-->
| blind = 
| zombie = 
| poison status = 
| magitek = 
| invisible = 
| imp = 
| petrify = 
| death = 
| doom = 
| critical = 
| image status = 
| silence = 
| berserk = 
| confuse = 
| sap = 
| sleep = 
| float = 
| regen = 
| slow = 
| haste = 
| stop = 
| shell = 
| protect = 
| reflect = 
| meteor strike = 
| libra = 
| invincible = 
  "Immune" or the ability-->
| gba sketch = 
  "Immune" or the ability list-->
| gba control = 
 Those that are not true can be excluded-->
| undead = 
| humanoid = 
| first strike = 
| mp kill = 
| imp critical = 
| no physical harm = 
| runic = 
| hard escape = 
| cannot escape = 
| snes location = 
| ps location = 
| gba location = 
| snes steal 1 = 
| snes steal 2 = 
| ps steal 1 = 
| ps steal 2 = 
| gba steal 1 = 
| gba steal 2 = 
| snes drop 1 = 
| snes drop 2 = 
| ps drop 1 = 
| ps drop 2 = 
| gba drop 1 = 
| gba drop 2 = 
| morph id = 
| morph miss rate = 
| snes normal attack = 
| snes special attack = 
| snes other abilities = 
| ps normal attack = 
| ps special attack = 
| ps other abilities = 
| gba normal attack = 
| gba special attack = 
| gba other abilities = 
| ps control = 
| snes control = 
| gba control = 
| ps sketch = 
| snes sketch = 
| gba sketch = 
| ps rage = 
| snes rage = 
| gba rage = 
| info = 



snes, ps, gba, ios

The name of the enemy in the SNES, PlayStation, Game Boy Advance, or the iOS releases of the game. The iOS name corresponds with the Mobile and Steam releases of the game also.


sec 1 up to sec 999

The section for another encounter of the enemy. This requires a bestiary paremeter (listed below) or a name given to the section (e.g. "Undead", "Figaro").

For the following parameter names:

  • n refers to the encounter number of the enemy.
  • v refers to an optional version, such as snes, ps, gba, or ios.

Using a non-specific parameter (e.g. drop) will apply it to all stats sections for the enemy and all versions. If this is preceded by a number (e.g. 1 drop), it will override the non-specific parameter for that encounter. If also preceded by a version (e.g. snes drop or ps drop) it will override the non-specific parameter in the section for that version. These can be combined to be more specific (e.g. 1 snes drop).


[n] [v] prev no, [n] [v] next no

The number of the next or previous encounter on the Bestiary.


[n] [v] prev, [n] [v] next

The name of the enemy in the next or previous encounter on the Bestiary.


[n] [v] bestiary or ios boss

The number of the enemy as it appears in the Bestiary. Omit if it does not appear. For the iOS and Steam releases, it may appear in a boss bestiary instead; use ios boss instead of ios bestiary in this case.


[n] level, [n] hp, [n] mp, [n] attack, [n] magic, [n] defense, [n] magic defense, [n] magic evasion, [n] speed, [n] hit rate, [n] evasion

The stats of the enemy.


[n] exp, [n] gil

EXP or gil dropped by the enemy after defeating them.


[n] fire, [n] ice, [n] lightning, [n] poison, [n] holy, [n] earth, [n] wind, [n] water
(default: "100% (normal damage)" )

The elemental affinities of the enemy. Omit if the enemy has no affinity and just takes normal damage. For each element, there are six possible options:

  • Weak — Enemy is weak to element; displays as 200% damage taken
  • Halves — Enemy resists the element; displays as 50% damage taken
  • Immune — Enemy is immune to the element; displays as 0% damage taken
  • Absorb — Enemy absorbs the element; displays as -100% damage taken
  • Double Absorb — Enemy absorbs the element greatly; displays as -200% damage taken
  • Other — If none of the above are entered, type in a different value to display


[n] blind, [n] zombie, [n] poison status, [n] magitek, [n] invisible, [n] imp, [n] petrify, [n] death, [n] doom, [n] critical, [n] image status, [n] silence, [n] berserk, [n] confuse, [n] sap, [n] sleep, [n] float, [n] regen, [n] slow, [n] haste, [n] stop, [n] shell, [n] protect, [n] reflect, [n] meteor strike, [n] libra, [n] invincible, [n] control status, [n] sketch status
(default: "-" )

The status effect affinities of the enemy. Omit if the enemy has no affinity and can be affected by the status normally. For each status, there are two possible options:

  • Immune — Enemy is immune to the status entirely
  • Auto — Enemy begins the battle with the status automatically


[n] undead, [n] humanoid, [n] first strike, [n] mp kill, [n] imp critical, [n] no physical harm, [n] runic, [n] hard escape, [n] cannot escape

Flags associated with the enemy, which affect the encounter. These paramters only need to be filled with true if they apply.


[n] [v] location

Full list of locations the enemy is fought in.


[n] [v] steal 1 up to [n] [v] steal 2
(default: "None" )

Items that can be stolen from the enemy in one of two steal slots. steal 1 is a common steal, while steal 2 has a lower chance.


[n] [v] drop 1 up to [n] [v] drop 2
(default: "None" )

Items that are dropped from the enemy upon defeat, in one of two drop slots. drop 1 is a common drop, while drop 2 has a lower chance.


[n] morph id
(default: "0" )

The of the enemy associated with Ragnarok's Metamorphose. Enemies in the game are coded with one id of 1 - 26. The information is stored at Module:FFVIMorph/data; filling in the id will fill in the information for all versions of the game.


[n] morph miss rate
(default: "100%" )

The rate at which Ragnarok's Metamorphose can miss.


[n] [v] normal attack, [n] [v] special attack, [n] [v] other abilities
(default: "None" )

Abilities that can be used by the enemy. normal attack is their basic attack, special attack is any special attack they can perform, while other abilities refers to any other abilities they can use in battle.


[n] [v] control, [n] [v] sketch, [n] [v] rage
(default: "100%" )

The abilities the enemy provides that can be used by the player with the Control, Sketch, or Rage abilities.


[n] [v] info

Any other information about the enemy.

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