This template is used for characters in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.

{{infobox character FFRK
|base game=[if first playable appearance is not FFRK, codename of appearance]
|sprite=[left-facing neutral stance sprite]
|title=[the name before the / that is seen on Character Info]
|role=[the name before the / that is seen after Character Info]
|element=[elements that are currently dominating in the character in questions' Soul Breaks; in case of multiple elements go with the most dominant element order listed in SB descriptions]
|equip=Use the format "[[File:FFFRK <equipment name>.png|24px|<equipment plural>]]" to list equip types usable by this character. Use the line break code "<br>" to separate weapon and armor icons into two lines.
|abilities=Use the format "<numerical rank>★[[File:FFFRK <ability name>.png|24px|<ability name>]]" to list the abilities the character can equip
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