Template:For and related templates are placed at the top of sections or pages to direct readers to a different page that may have a similar name. The basic Template:For allows a descriptor of the alternate page to be filled in a variety of ways, while related templates have more specific uses to standardize common alternate pages.

Template:For enemy is used at the top of the relevant gameplay section of a parent page to link to the relevant page(s) for the subject's appearance as an enemy.

Template:For version is used at the top of a page when there is another page for another version of the game, assuming this is not linked in the infobox. It may refer to a subpage or a similarly titled page.

This template depends on Module:Context-link
This template uses Lua. To make adjustments to this template, edit the module page.


To use {{for}}:

{{for |type= |<unnamed 1> |t= |about= |redirect= }}

To use another template, such as {{for enemy}}, only the following is needed:

{{for enemy|<unnamed 1>}}




<unnamed [n]>

The article to be linked. An infinite number of unnamed parameters can be used. Only one is required.


t1 up to t999
(default: "<unnamed [n]>" )

Overrides the display text for a link corresponding with the nth unnamed parameter.




On Template:For, provides a description of the type of alternative article (e.g. "the character page"). Template:For enemy, Template:For version, and Template:For legacy include this filled in automatically.



Adds an optional "This page is about about" sentence before the rest of the template's text.



Adds an optional "redirect redirects here" sentence before the rest of the template's text.

See also

  • Template:For KHWiki, which provides links to the Kingdom Hearts Wiki. This is not based on the Context-link module.
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