{{FFXIV questlink|<icon>|<pagename>|<displayname (optional)>}}

Used to generate quest icons alongside the linked quest.

For example:

{{FFXIV questlink|Main Scenario|Over the Wall (Final Fantasy XIV)|Over the Wall}}

will display:

Main Scenario Quest.Over the Wall

If no tag is necessary the fourth slot can be left empty. For example:

{{FFXIV questlink|Main Scenario|Close to Home}}

will display:

Main Scenario Quest.Close to Home

If the page in question doesn't exist yet, or <nolink> is entered in the fourth slot, no link will be generated. For example:

{{FFXIV questlink|Sidequest|Not a Real Quest}}

will (currently) display:

Sidequest.Not a Real Quest


{{FFXIV questlink|Main Scenario|Close to Home|nolink}}

will display:

Main Scenario Quest.Close to Home
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