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This article can be improved in areas such as grammar, style, formatting, and spelling.
Please refer to the Manual of Style or editing help to get started.

Template:Cleanup is for use on articles that need to be elevated to a higher standard of quality.

This template should not be used when an article is merely not of utmost quality. Rather, if a negative assessment of an article, in proportion to its popularity or importance, has been previously given, this template may be used to acknowledge its sub-standard state and efforts being made to address it.


{{cleanup |<unnamed 1> |<unnamed 2> }}


The unnamed parameters can be used in any order, though the following is preferred:


<unnamed 1>
(default: "grammar, style, formatting, and spelling" )

Any clear and present problems with the article that require fixing.


<unnamed 2>

A timestamp for when the template was added to the page.



  • This template is based on {{mbox}}.
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