Template:Button is used to display any console button image. This is to be used in article when referring to a console button, and should always be used instead of adding the images normally.

The console and/or source of the button will be determined first, either with the first parameter of a "console" parameter, while the button itself will be displayed last, with a "button" or second parameter.

Buttons should be used in tables, while symbols should be used in prose.

This template depends on Module:Button
This template uses Lua. To make adjustments to this template, edit the module page.


{{button|console= |button=}}



console or <unnamed 1>

The console that the button is for. There are five possible options:

  • PS — Used for all PlayStation consoles.
  • Dissidia — Contains ripped data from the PSP Dissidia games.
  • Nintendo — Used for all Nintendo consoles.
  • Xbox — Used for all Xbox consoles.
  • Ouya — Used for the Ouya console.


button or <unnamed 2>

The specific button to be displayed (see #Inputs).



Input Output
{{button|ps|x}} X
{{button|ps|circle}} Circle
{{button|ps|square}} Square
{{button|ps|triangle}} Triangle
{{button|ps|start}} Start
{{button|ps|select}} Select
{{button|ps|options}} Options
{{button|ps|share}} Share
{{button|ps|ps}} PS
{{button|ps|touchpad}} Touchpad
{{button|ps|move}} Move
{{button|ps|leftstick}} Left stick
{{button|ps|rightstick}} Right stick
{{button|ps|dpad}} D-pad
{{button|ps|left-right}} Left or right
{{button|ps|up}} Up
{{button|ps|up-left}} Up-Left
{{button|ps|left}} Left
{{button|ps|down-left}} Down-Left
{{button|ps|down}} Down
{{button|ps|down-right}} Down-Right
{{button|ps|right}} Right
{{button|ps|up-right}} Up-Right
{{button|ps|leftstick up}} Left stick up
{{button|ps|leftstick up-left}} Left stick up-left
{{button|ps|leftstick left}} Left stick left
{{button|ps|leftstick down-left}} Left stick down-left
{{button|ps|leftstick down}} Left stick down
{{button|ps|leftstick down-right}} Left stick down-right
{{button|ps|leftstick right}} Left stick right
{{button|ps|leftstick up-right}} Left stick up-right
{{button|ps|leftstick clockwise}} Rotate left stick clockwise
{{button|ps|leftstick counterclockwise}} Rotate left stick counterclockwise
{{button|ps|rightstick up}} Right stick up
{{button|ps|rightstick up-left}} Right stick up-left
{{button|ps|rightstick left}} Right stick left
{{button|ps|rightstick down-left}} Right stick down-left
{{button|ps|rightstick down}} Right stick down
{{button|ps|rightstick down-right}} Right stick down-right
{{button|ps|rightstick right}} Right stick right
{{button|ps|rightstick up-right}} Right stick up-right
{{button|ps|rightstick clockwise}} Rotate right stick clockwise
{{button|ps|rightstick counterclockwise}} Rotate right stick counterclockwise
{{button|ps|touchpad up}} Touchpad up swipe
{{button|ps|touchpad left}} Touchpad left swipe
{{button|ps|touchpad down}} Touchpad down swipe
{{button|ps|touchpad right}} Touchpad right swipe
{{button|ps|l1}} L1
{{button|ps|r1}} R1
{{button|ps|l2}} L2
{{button|ps|r2}} R2
{{button|ps|l3}} L3
{{button|ps|r3}} R3
{{button|ps|ls}} LS
{{button|ps|rs}} RS
{{button|ps|l}} (PSP/Vita) Left shoulder button
{{button|ps|r}} (PSP/Vita) Right shoulder button
{{button|ps|t}} T Trigger
{{button|ps|x symbol}} X
{{button|ps|o symbol}} Circle
{{button|ps|square symbol}} Square
{{button|ps|triangle symbol}} Triangle


Input Output
{{button|dissidia|X}} X
{{button|dissidia|Circle}} Circle
{{button|dissidia|Square}} Square
{{button|dissidia|Triangle}} Triangle
{{button|dissidia|Up}} Up
{{button|dissidia|Left}} Left
{{button|dissidia|Down}} Down
{{button|dissidia|Right}} Right
{{button|dissidia|L}} Left shoulder button
{{button|dissidia|R}} Right shoulder button


Input Output
{{button|nintendo|a}} A
{{button|nintendo|b}} B
{{button|nintendo|x}} X
{{button|nintendo|y}} Y
{{button|nintendo|start}} Start
{{button|nintendo|select}} Select
{{button|nintendo|up}} Up
{{button|nintendo|up-right}} Upper-right
{{button|nintendo|right}} Right
{{button|nintendo|down-right}} Lower-right
{{button|nintendo|down}} Down
{{button|nintendo|down-left}} Lower-left
{{button|nintendo|left}} Left
{{button|nintendo|up-left}} Upper-left
{{button|nintendo|r}} R
{{button|nintendo|l}} L


Input Output
{{button|xbox|a}} A
{{button|xbox|b}} B
{{button|xbox|x}} X
{{button|xbox|y}} Y
{{button|xbox|black}} Black
{{button|xbox|white}} White
{{button|xbox|start}} Start
{{button|xbox|back}} Back
{{button|xbox|left-right}} Left or right
{{button|xbox|up}} Up
{{button|xbox|up-right}} Up-Right
{{button|xbox|right}} Right
{{button|xbox|down-right}} Down-Right
{{button|xbox|down}} Down
{{button|xbox|down-left}} Down-Left
{{button|xbox|left}} Left
{{button|xbox|up-left}} Up-Left
{{button|xbox|rb}} Right bumper
{{button|xbox|rt}} Right trigger
{{button|xbox|rightstickpress}} Right stick press
{{button|xbox|lb}} Left bumper
{{button|xbox|lt}} Left trigger
{{button|xbox|leftstickpress}} Left stick press


Input Output
{{button|ouya|o}} O
{{button|ouya|hold o}} O held down
{{button|ouya|mash o}} O mashed
{{button|ouya|u}} U
{{button|ouya|hold u}} U held down
{{button|ouya|mash u}} U mashed
{{button|ouya|y}} Y
{{button|ouya|hold y}} Y held down
{{button|ouya|mash y}} Y mashed
{{button|ouya|a}} A
{{button|ouya|hold a}} A held down
{{button|ouya|mash a}} A mashed
{{button|ouya|menu}} Menu
{{button|ouya|hold menu}} Menu held down
{{button|ouya|mash menu}} Menu mashed
{{button|ouya|dpad}} D-pad
{{button|ouya|leftstick}} Left stick
{{button|ouya|rightstick}} Right stick
{{button|ouya|touchpad}} Touchpad
{{button|ouya|dpad leftright}} D-pad left or right
{{button|ouya|dpad up}} D-pad up
{{button|ouya|dpad up-right}} D-pad upper-right
{{button|ouya|dpad right}} D-pad right
{{button|ouya|dpad down-right}} D-pad lower-right
{{button|ouya|dpad down}} D-pad down
{{button|ouya|dpad down-left}} D-pad lower-left
{{button|ouya|dpad left}} D-pad left
{{button|ouya|dpad up-left}} D-pad upper-left
{{button|ouya|leftstick up}} Left stick up
{{button|ouya|leftstick up-right}} Left stick up-right
{{button|ouya|leftstick right}} Left stick right
{{button|ouya|leftstick down-right}} Left stick down-right
{{button|ouya|leftstick down}} Left stick down
{{button|ouya|leftstick down-left}} Left stick down-left
{{button|ouya|leftstick left}} Left stick left
{{button|ouya|leftstick up-left}} Left stick up-left
{{button|ouya|leftstick clockwise}} Left stick rotate clockwise
{{button|ouya|leftstick counterclockwise}} Left stick rotate counterclockwise
{{button|ouya|rightstick up}} right stick up
{{button|ouya|rightstick up-right}} right stick up-right
{{button|ouya|rightstick right}} right stick right
{{button|ouya|rightstick down-right}} right stick down-right
{{button|ouya|rightstick down}} right stick down
{{button|ouya|rightstick down-left}} right stick down-left
{{button|ouya|rightstick left}} right stick left
{{button|ouya|rightstick up-left}} right stick up-left
{{button|ouya|rightstick clockwise}} right stick rotate clockwise
{{button|ouya|rightstick counterclockwise}} right stick rotate counterclockwise
{{button|ouya|touchpad circle}} Touchpad circle
{{button|ouya|touchpad cursor}} Touchpad cursor
{{button|ouya|touchpad doubletap}} Touchpad double tap
{{button|ouya|touchpad multitap}} Touchpad multi tap
{{button|ouya|touchpad scribble}} Touchpad scribble
{{button|ouya|touchpad swipe up}} Touchpad upward swipe
{{button|ouya|touchpad swipe up-right}} Touchpad upper-right swipe
{{button|ouya|touchpad swipe right}} Touchpad right swipe
{{button|ouya|touchpad swipe down-right}} Touchpad lower-right swipe
{{button|ouya|touchpad swipe down}} Touchpad downward swipe
{{button|ouya|touchpad swipe down-left}} Touchpad lower-left swipe
{{button|ouya|touchpad swipe left}} Touchpad left swipe
{{button|ouya|touchpad swipe up-left}} Touchpad upper-left swipe
{{button|ouya|touchpad tap}} Touchpad tap
{{button|ouya|l1}} L1
{{button|ouya|hold l1}} L1 held down
{{button|ouya|mash l1}} L1 mashed
{{button|ouya|l2}} L2
{{button|ouya|l2 partway}} L2 partway
{{button|ouya|hold l2}} L2 held down
{{button|ouya|hold l2 partway}} L2 partway held down
{{button|ouya|mash l2}} L2 mashed
{{button|ouya|l3}} L3
{{button|ouya|l3 doubleclick}} L3 double click
{{button|ouya|r1}} r1
{{button|ouya|hold r1}} L1 held down
{{button|ouya|mash r1}} L1 mashed
{{button|ouya|r2}} R2
{{button|ouya|r2 partway}} R2 partway
{{button|ouya|hold r2}} R2 held down
{{button|ouya|hold r2 partway}} R2 partway held down
{{button|ouya|mash r2}} R2 mashed
{{button|ouya|r3}} R3
{{button|ouya|r3 doubleclick}} R3 double click
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