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Tempest is Aerith's unique ability tied to Triangle in Final Fantasy VII Remake. It is a ranged attack that can be charged up by holding to deal more damage. Much like Aerith's normal attacks, it deals magic damage based on Aerith's Magic Attack Magic Attack attribute, though its damage is spread over multiple hits. The ability both deals damage and also increases Aerith's ATB gauge. The fully charged version of the ability has greater effect against staggered enemies.


Unique magic Aerith is capable of casting with Triangle. The longer Triangle is pressed, the greater the ethereal force conjured and the more devastating the attack.

Stat Uncharged Fully charged
Rod Magic bullet Explosion
Power 30 (over 3 hits) 12 (over 4 hits) 70 350 (over 5 hits)
Stagger rate 3 (over 3 hits) 0 1
Pressure: 2
5 (over 5 hits)
Pressure: 10
ATB regain
(normal foes)
90 (over 3 hits) 0 0 800 (over 5 hits)
ATB regain
(against staggered foes)
180 (over 3 hits) 0 500 1,000 (over 5 hits)
Interrupt strength 30 0 30 50
Interrupt defense 20

Two versions of the Tempest exist; the one used depends whether it was fully charged before firing.

If uncharged, the damage comprises three hits of magic damage, with an attack power of 10 each, totaling 30. This version of the ability still has a launch effect and a minor interrupt strength of 20, as well as a small stagger rate.

The fully charged ability deals damage spread across three components: a physical ranged attack from Aerith's rod, the initial magic bullet, and magic damage from the explosion. The physical ranged damage from the rod is ultimately minor, spread across four hits with an attack power of only 3 each, totaling 12, with no added effects. The magic bullet deals stronger damage at an attack power of 70, with no ATB regain unless used against staggered enemies. The following explosion deals magic damage spread across five hits, also at an attack power of 70 each (totaling 350), and has a great effect on recovering ATB (which is even higher against staggered enemies). These hits also have higher interrupt strength.


Tempest when it hits an enemy and explodes.

Tempest used on its own deals damage comparable to Aerith's normal attacks, but can be charged up to greater effect. By throwing a few normal attacks and charging up Tempest, Aerith can hit an enemy with a more powerful attack that will also build her ATB gauge. Tempest fits with Aerith's playstyle, wherein she is best staying at a distance from enemies, and firing from one advantageous position at range.

Most of the time, using Tempest is unnecessary because while Aerith's normal attacks deal decent damage, they are mainly used to build ATB for more powerful abilities and spells. Therefore, while Tempest can be useful when charged up, it can be considered non-essential. When used against staggered enemies however, this ability is extremely useful, capable of filling her ATB gauge nearly to full over the duration, freeing her up to use other attacks or abilities while it fills her ATB and deals heavy non-elemental damage. In turn this gives her more ATB to spend on her other abilities, to restore more MP via Soul Drain, or even to share with other characters while supporting them with an ATB Ward.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

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Tempest refers to a violent storm. The ability may be named as such in juxtaposition to her Healing Wind ability.