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Unleashes a powerful, 4-strike combo against multiple enemies.


Tempest, also known as Quadra Slice,[1][2] is Cyan's level 44 Bushido technique in Final Fantasy VI. It requires seven charges, and deals four physical attacks to random opponents, each attack unblockable and ignoring Defense. Tempest deals the most damage of Cyan's abilities in one go, but takes the longest to charge.


Tempest is learned by Cyan at level 44, or after defeating Wrexsoul.

Gogo can also use any Bushido techniques that Cyan has learned by equipping Bushido in Gogo's ability menu. This allows Gogo to use Tempest.


Each of the four attacks from Tempest deal damage with the following formula:

where "Level" refers to the user's level, and Strength refers to the user's Strength.

Tempest cannot be blocked, and most importantly, its attacks ignore the target's Defense.


Tempest deals immense physical damage, and can easily defeat an entire enemy group or a larger single target. Its biggest drawback is that it requires seven ATB charges for an attack that is comparable to Flurry, the only difference being that Flurry does not ignore Defense. Most normal battles end long before Tempest can be used, making it only useful against bosses.

In the majority of circumstances, Flurry, taking just over half as much time to charge, is the more turn-efficient ability and the better choice. Tempest's ability to ignore Defense means it is better against enemies with a strong physical damage resistance, but in all other circumstances, it is quicker and easier to simply use Flurry. Eclipse may be worth using also for its magic damage and attempt to inflict stop, but Cyan is better built toward physical damage, meaning Eclipse will not keep up. Tempest is also easier to use than Oblivion, which fails against targets immune to death.

Because most of Cyan's damage is physical, players should focus on boosting his Strength stat by leveling him up with magicite equipped to boost his Strength stat; as a consequence, Tempest will remain strong.

Due to Gogo's naturally lower Strength stat, Gogo benefits less from using Tempest as opposed to the few magic-based Bushido techniques, but can use Tempest if the enemy resists magic.