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Teleports the party out of a dungeon or battle.


Teleport, also known as Warp,[1][2] is an Effect spell in Final Fantasy VI. When used in a dungeon, it warps the party back onto the world map; when used in a battle, it warps them out of battle and escapes. Terra learns the spell naturally, and for other party members, the spell is taught by magicite.


Terra learns Teleport naturally at level 26. The spell is learned from Fenrir at a x10 rate and Carbuncle at a x2 rate, and from Cactuar at a x20 rate.


Hastega is affected by reflect and Runic. Hastega is unblockable.

Haste and slow are mutually exclusive and cannot coexist on the same unit.


The most common use of Teleport is to leave dungeons, when the player is struggling. This allows the player to leave, gain levels, learn new spells, or gain new equipment to return later.

Another common use is in-battle to leave a difficult one. Because fleeing a battle in Final Fantasy VI is more difficult than in most Final Fantasy games, due to how party members exit independently, Teleport can be an effective way to warp out of a challenging battle.

Because Teleport is unaffected stats, it can be taught to and used by any party member, and cast by anyone with the MP to support it. It is ideal for at least one member in a party to know the spell. This means that while it is not a high priority to teach to each member, it is good to teach them all the spell at some point.

A Teleport Stone is a one-use item with the same effect as the spell.