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FFIV PC Teleport

Rosa teleports the party out of the Tower of Zot in Final Fantasy IV (PC).

Warps party out of dungeon or out of battle.

Final Fantasy V description

Teleport (テレポ, Terepo?, lit. Telepo), also known as Exit, Warp, and Telepor, is a recurring spell or ability in the series. Its effect varies, but it mostly enables parties to escape out of dungeons and battles. Teleport's effect overlaps slightly with Warp. When the two appear together, Teleport usually functions as a stronger version of Warp, teleporting the party directly out of a dungeon back to the overworld while Warp teleports them to the previous floor within the dungeon.

Appearances Edit

Final Fantasy Edit

Transports party to previous floor.


Teleport (WARP on the NES and Warp1 in Final Fantasy Origins) is a level 5 Black Magic spell that teleports the party to the previous floor, at the point at which they exited that floor. The spell can be bought at Melmond and can be learned by the Black Wizard and Red Wizard classes. In the GBA/PSP/iOS releases it costs 5 MP to cast.

Final Fantasy II Edit

Banishes foes to another dimension or transports party out of dungeons.


Teleport is a White Magic spell. When used in battle, it attempts to teleport one or all enemies away from the battlefield, essentially defeating them. Its success rate increases with the spell's level. When used outside of battle the player party is teleported outside of the dungeon, appearing outside the entrance to the dungeon on the world map, however the caster's HP is reduced to HP Critical levels.

The amount of HP left is equal to 1/(17 - spell level), so for example, the user would have 1/16 of their HP from casting a level 1 Teleport, 1/15 from level 2, and so on. This spell is ineffective in the Snow Cavern, Bafsk Sewers, the Dreadnought, the Coliseum, and Palamecia Castle due to the storyline at these locations. Any character can learn Teleport by having them use the Teleport Tome (Teleport Scroll in Final Fantasy Origins).

Teleport Tome
Effect Allows the target to learn Teleport when used outside of battle. Casts Teleport VIII on all allies when used in battle.
Buy Salamand, Mysidia
Find Semitt Falls
Cost 1,500 gil (Origins)
1,000 gil (Dawn of Souls, 20th Anniversary Edition)

Final Fantasy III Edit

Teleport (Exit on the NES), it is a Level 3 White Magic spell that can be bought in Northwest Saronia, Doga's Village, Falgabard, and Village of the Ancients for 1,500 gil.

It is used by the White Mage, Red Mage, Knight, Scholar, Devout, Sage, and Onion Knight jobs. In battle, it can be used to instantly KO enemies, and can be used through the items Ottershroom and Black Hole.

Final Fantasy IV Edit

Warps party out of a dungeon or a battle.


Teleport (Exit on the SNES) is a White Magic spell that warps party out of dungeons. It is learned by Rosa (after Tower of Zot in 2D versions or level 26 in 3D versions), Cecil (level 19 in 2D versions or level 29 in 3D versions), Porom (level 19). It has a casting time of 0. In 2D versions it costs 10 MP to cast (20 MP in 3D versions). If cast while on a damage tile in the SNES version and the characters are not floating, up to 2,100 damage will be inflicted on the party.

Final Fantasy IV -Interlude- Edit

Teleport is a White Magic spell, known by Cecil, Rosa, and Porom by default. It allows the party to escape from dungeons and random battles at the cost of 10 MP.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Edit

Teleport is learned by various characters, and costs 10 MP to cast. It warps the party out of dungeons.

Final Fantasy V Edit

Teleport (Exit on the SNES and Telepo in Final Fantasy Anthology) is a Level 3 Time Magic spell used by the Time Mage job. It can be found at the Castle of Bal and bought in Phantom Village for 600 gil. The spell lets the party escape out of battles and exit out of dungeons. Using the spell in the Library of the Ancients in the merged world results in a glitch.

Final Fantasy VI Edit

Teleports the party out of a dungeon or battle.


Teleport (Warp on the SNES) is an Effect spell learned from the espers Fenrir at a x10 rate and Carbuncle at a x2 rate, and in the Advance version, from Cactuar at a x20 rate, and Terra Branford (level 26). It costs 20 MP to cast. A Teleport Stone is a one-use item with the exact same effect as the spell when used in and out of battle.

Final Fantasy IX Edit

Teleport is an enemy skill used by Black Waltz 2. It deals minor damage.

Final Fantasy X-2 Edit

Instantly move behind enemy.

"Help" description

Teleport is a command exclusive to the Psychic dressphere in the International or HD Remaster versions. It takes 30 AP to master, but requires Express to be mastered before its enable to be learned. The command teleports the user behind the target.

Final Fantasy X-2: Last Mission Edit

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Final Fantasy XI Edit

The spell Teleport takes on many variations. There are nine Teleport spells total, three of which teleport the party to different areas in the past. A player can only be teleported if they have a corresponding crystal key item from the destination telepoint.

Teleport spells:

There are a number of other enchanted items that teleport the user to a specific location, such as the Olduum Ring.

Final Fantasy XII Edit

Teleport is regarded as an exclusive ability and also a method of transportation. There are two types of teleportation, one which is used by undead enemy classes, such as the Ghosts, Reapers and Nightmares, to move about any spot of the area regardless of distance, while the other is via Gate Crystals and Teleport Stones, which allow the party to teleport between previously activated Gate Crystals.

Enemies that can teleport to different parts of the same area are invincible while doing so. Although, upon some time during teleportation (like when they teleport to another spot that is near to its previous spot) they may be targeted since their health bar remains visible. There exists a glitch where if an Etém is afflicted with both Disable and Confuse it will continuously teleport without pause. They cannot be killed, cannot be dispelled, and the status effects will not wear out, as they are paused while the enemy is teleporting.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings Edit

Teleport is a spell only Ashe can use. The spell warps all Yarhi in Ashe's group to her exact location.

During the final battle, Ashe uses her Teleport ability to teleport Vaan and her away from Feolthanos's attack. It can actually be implied that Ashe's Teleport ability can works both way, that is either teleport others to her or teleporting herself and others near her to specific locations.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Edit

Teleport is an EP ability that allows Lightning to warp to a specific location on the world map. It cannot be used during battle. It is obtained automatically after Lightning leaves Luxerion for the first time. Teleport cost 2 (easy) or 3 (normal/hard) EP to use. The warp points are unlocked as they are visited for the first time: Luxerion North Station, Luxerion South Station, Yusnaan Station, Wildlands Station, Jagd Village, Aryas Village, Wildlands Research Camp, Dead Dunes Station, Ruffian, and the Ultimate Lair (only if the player unlocks the extra day).

Final Fantasy XIV Edit

FFXIV Teleport Icon

In the original version adventurers could expend anima to teleport to any aetheryte camp they had visited. One could also spend this anima to teleport from a camp to an Aetherial Node in its sub-region. It was also possible to set one's Home Point at an Aetheryte Crystal or Node to return there, particularly after being incapacitated.

Due to its slow regeneration rate, players often opted to not teleport to conserve Anima.

In Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Anima has been removed. Teleportations now require a small amount of gil instead. Adventurers need to touch an aetheryte once to learn the Teleport spell. The amount of gil required to teleport depends on the relative distance between aetherytes, costing as little as 100 gil with nearby destinations or upward to 999 gil to faraway continents. Cost can be halved with the Reduced Rates Company Action active. Even though the use of Anima is no longer a mechanic, as Alphinaud Leveilleur mentions in the Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood expansion, people still need to be "replete with anima" to use aetherytes to teleport.

Final Fantasy XV Edit


Noctis warps to an enemy.

Noctis warps by throwing his weapon and appearing on the spot the weapon hits. He is the only party member able to warp. Noctis can warp to enemies or to predesignated spots on the battlefield. Warping consumes MP, and thus is disabled when in Stasis or under the effect of the Wallbreaker Wave.

Final Fantasy Tactics Edit

Warp instantly to destination tiles. May fail when attempting to travel to distant locations.


Teleport is a movement ability the Time Mage class learns for 600 JP. A unit with this ability will be able to teleport anywhere within the battlefield, though chances of success decreases by 10% as the unit teleports farther away from its original move range. Ghouls are also equipped with this ability.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Edit

Teleport is an auto-ability, which allows units to move to another tile within their movement range while disregarding height and any obstacles in the way. It is important to note that even with Auto-Teleport, units cannot pass over empty spaces (where no tile exists), such as those in Muscadet.

Vampires and any characters equipped with the Fairy Boots accessory have Auto-Teleport.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift Edit

All Ghost enemies and the Grenade can naturally teleport across the map, while the player may utilize the ability through the use of the Faerie Shoes, allowing them to move to any location nearby. This is also the only way to get behind the Demon Wall enemy.

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Edit

Exit is a White Magic spell that teleports Benjamin to the world map when used outside of battle. If used in battle, it instantly kills foes, but no experience or GP will be earned. It can be used on certain bosses, such as the Stone Golem.

The Final Fantasy Legend Edit

Telepor is an ability that has 5 uses and allows the player to teleports to previous floors of the Tower. This ability is used by Scorpion, Baku, DemoKing, Ki-Rin, Scarab, Titan, FensWolf, Jorgandr, Lich, Susano-O, Ganesha, GigaWorm, and Athtalot.

Final Fantasy Legend II Edit

Teleport is an ability that has 30 uses, it also increases a Robot's HP by 9. The player will be able to teleport to any place that has already been visited. This ability can be used by Athtalot, Byak-Ko, C-Fisher, DemoLoad, Giant, GigaWorm, Jorgandr, Kirin, Lich, Mantis, Scarab, Susano-O , Sylph, Titania, and Unicorn.

Final Fantasy Legend III Edit

Exit is a Black Magic spell that allows the party to escape from towers and caves, but also instantly kills a single enemy in battle. The spell automatically kill the enemy, but it doesn't reward the player any experience for their defeat. It cost 28 MP to use, and it can be bought for 8500 GP in Viper City (Future), Darius (Pureland) and Knaya (Pureland).

Bravely Default Edit

Teleport is a level 2 Time Magic. It allows the player to escape from dungeons and battles. It is is not affected by reflect and will not work in certain battles or areas. It costs 20 MP to use. It can be bought in Florem for 400 pg.

Final Fantasy Dimensions Edit

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Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Edit

Warp is Noctis's unique EX Skill, allowing him to teleport to a thrown weapon. Charging the button will also increase its range. Uniquely, the EX Skill can be stacked up thrice, allowing him to use the skill three times in a row. Landing a successful hit with the Warp attack will give him a Warp-Crit buff that increases his attack power. Warping is also used in his HP attacks.

Teleport is an unlockable common EX Skill that warps the caster within close proximity of a target enemy.

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper Edit

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Final Fantasy Explorers Edit

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Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon Edit

Teleport is one of the final spells of the White Mage class, costing 3 SP to cast. It allows Choco to escape from the dungeon, and can also be used through the Teleport Wings item.

Gallery Edit

Etymology Edit

Teleportation, or Teletransportation, is the theoretical transfer of matter or energy from one point to another without traversing the physical space between them.

Warp is an element in video game design that allows a player character instant travel between two locations or levels.

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