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Brother Telent is a non-playable character from original Final Fantasy XIV. He was a character that appeared during the Conjurer questline.


Due to his gift to hear the voices of the arbor elementals, the Oak Atrium asked Telent to hear the voices of the elementals residing within a newly purchased tree. These elementals tell about a pack of rabid coywolves wreaking havoc in the forest and asking for help to resolve the situation for the sake of the forest. With the adventurer's help, some of the coywolves are defeated until Morys arrives at the site and delivers the elementals' message saying it was enough.[1]

Telent says that the taking of life with the Twelveswood, even that of beasts as vicious as rabid coywolves, invites the greenwrath of the elementals. When the greenswrath becomes too great, one is cursed and becomes a wildling-taken by the wood and damned to wander it for all time. He also informs you that Morys is a mysterious conjurer that even though he is an outsider he can hear all the voices of the elementals.[1]




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