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Teioh (トウホウフハイ, Tōhō Fuhai?), also known as Hyperion, is a black chocobo in the Final Fantasy series.


Final Fantasy VII[]

Teioh on the status screen.

Teioh is the chocobo belonging to the jockey Joe. His stats depend on the player's chocobo, always being greater, and may surpass the maximum the player can get. Teioh's speed will always be the player's speed +10%, and his stamina will always be the player's stamina +25%. Teioh appears in the chocobo races at Gold Saucer when the player is racing with their own chocobo, appearing randomly in classes B, A and S; the higher the rank the more likely it is that Joe and Teioh will make an appearance. Because green, black, and gold chocobos are immune to the slow motion part of a chocobo race, racing Teioh and Joe without using a black or gold chocobo will give Joe and Teioh a slight advantage. Even lower-ranked blue and green chocobos, or exceptionally well-bred normal chocobos, can beat him, although this is more difficult.

Teioh was originally intended to be named "Hyperion", but it contained too many letters for the character limit.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-[]

Joe and his chocobo are briefly mentioned by a NPC in Sector 8. The chocobo is referred to as "Hyperion".

Final Fantasy XIII-2[]

Hyperion is referenced in the Brain Blast as the fastest chocobo in the chocobo races.

Final Fantasy XIV[]

Joe appears in the chocobo racing lobby of Manderville Gold Saucer as an NPC. He appears in the R-220 division riding a chocobo named "Toho Fuhai", which is an average black chocobo with Choco Dash II or III. He appears again in the R300 (the final division) riding Teioh, who is dressed in the full Gambler's barding and is formidable.

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions[]

Teioh is a boss in Rendezvous. He is accompanied by several other Chocobos and a two Uribo and a Red Panther.

World of Final Fantasy[]

Hyperion is an optional boss as a part of a World of Final Fantasy Intervention called "The Black Chocobo", where Bartz, Boko and Chocolatte set out to save the other chocobos from Hyperion's overworking of them.



The word teioh is Japanese for "emperor" or "sovereign". Its name is most likely a reference to the Japanese racehorse Tokai Teio.

Its full English name is Hyperion. Hyperion was one of the twelve Titans of Ancient Greece, the sons and daughters of Gaia and Ouranos, which were later supplanted by the Olympians. He was the brother of Cronus. He was also the lord of light, and the Titan of the east.

Its Japanese name is "トウホウフハイ" and its Kanji is "東方不敗". The name derives from a character of the same name (東方不敗; トウホウフハイ, Tōhō Fuhai; Dongfang Bubai?, lit. Invincible East) in the Chinese wuxia novel The Smiling, Proud Wanderer by Jin Yong. He is one of the main antagonists and the most powerful character in the novel.