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Tedalgrinche is a non-playable character in Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward. He is a knight of House Dzemael, and recurring antagonist in the Machinist storyline.


Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward[]

When the machinists drove off Svara from Skyfire Locks, Lord Tedalgrinche challenged Stephanivien to participate in an upcoming tourney.[1] An unscrupulous knight, Tedalgrinche hired thugs to harass and vandalize Skysteel Manufactory. Despite this, the Warrior of Light and other machinists succeeded in the tourney.[2]

While this firmly ensured Count Baurendouin's trust in his son's work, Tedalgrinche would not let up on his feud. He held Joye's father hostage so she would follow into an arranged marriage with a worker at Falcon's Nest; the guard he posted was easily intimidated into abandoning post, allowing her father to convince her to return to the Manufactory. He resorted to accusing Stephanivien of arming civilians into insurrection, and ensured to sidestep attempts to prove his wrong-doing. Tedalgrinche informed them the charges would be dropped only by a trial by combat against the dragon Veri Seren, an elusive vouivre who had been plaguing trade routes recently.

On the day of the trial in the Coerthas Western Highlands, an unexpected turn of events led to the machinists defending Tedalgrinche and an attending priest from Veri Seren and his host. After a long battle, the dragon was defeated, and Tedalgrinche begrudgingly accepted the machinists' valor, promising not to interfere with the Skysteel Manufactory any longer.



Lord Tedalgrinche stands tall among many of the other Elezen within the Holy See of Ishgard and shares their trait of long outwards poking ears. The play will see the man carrying medium to long flicking hair in a sun-yellow blond, accompanied by a pair of turquoise eyes. The model is adorned in the standard chain mail armor model in House Dzemael colors.


The Elezen is often coming across as the utmost worst stereotype that Ishgard would come to offer as he is consistently making crude remarks and disregarding the lives of others. This has been the personality found in almost all those who are involved with House Dzemael adding to their condition of deception and villainy.


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