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Ted Woolsey.

Ted Woolsey was the translator for various Square games, such as Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Trigger. Contrary to common assumption, he did not translate Final Fantasy IV, which can be seen in the endgame credits of Final Fantasy II US. He is known for his creative translations and being responsible for memorable quotes such as Kefka's "Son of a submariner!"

He is also often known for being one of the first video game translators to have refrained from always translating the source material directly while also creating a coherently flowing script and storyline; this process and its most famous lines are sometimes referred to by fans as "Woolseyisms."

While his translations have been criticized for inaccuracies, his work has received praise for creating coherent scripts for the mainstream RPG-playing community.

Works in the series[]

Game Woolsey's Credit(s)
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Translator, Storyline Planner
Final Fantasy Legend III Translator
Final Fantasy VI Translator (SNES/PS)
Final Fantasy V Translator (unreleased SNES version)[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Retro-spective trailer is written in the same way as Ted Woolsey's Final Fantasy VI script (on the SNES), with the names of the main characters written in capital letters.