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Technology is the series of technical and applied knowledge to help produce an intended result. Within Final Fantasy, technology often takes the form of that of human technology inspired by the real world, either from existing or to even conceptual examples, including those found in science fiction. The degree of advancement of technology varies from installment to installment, but in every appearance it is shown to have a great impact to the world and the story. Often, it is used to showcase a symbolic example of the "power of mankind" and the power of innovation and science. In many installments as a story element, technology is either juxtaposed or paired with that of magic, in that both methodologies are considered ways to harness the forces of nature with different results.

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Final Fantasy[]

The Lufenians are said to be the most technologically advanced civilization in the game, having constructed the Flying Fortress, the Mirage Tower and an airship. However, much of their technology is wiped out prior to the events of the game, and the surviving descendants live in the city of Lufenia. A researcher in Melmond is looking for a way to decipher their language.

Final Fantasy III[]

  • The Ancients are shown to have mastery of technology, having possessed the ability to raise an entire continent when the greater world was in peril. To this end, an Ancient named Owen constructed a tower in his name, then gave his son Desch the task of its upkeep. Desch was placed in stasis, awakening only when the tower was threatened, but it left him amnesic. The Warriors of Light find Desch atop Dragon's Peak and guide him to his objective. The Ancients, meanwhile, settled in a village southwest of Castle Argus, but not before leaving a Time Gear with its people.
  • The inhabitants of Saronia have acquired a vast knowledge of technology as well, having built the Nautilus.
  • An unknown civilization built the Invincible, and secured it for hundreds of years until it was released.

Final Fantasy IV[]

The Lunarians were a technologically advanced race from an unknown planet that vanished in times past. Settling on the Red Moon, they watched over the Blue Planet and found its races underdeveloped. Many chose to enter sleep stasis, but one prominent Lunarian, Kluya, ventured outward to the planet. In the process, he taught humanity the secrets of airships, magic, and warp travel.

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Final Fantasy V[]

Though it remains unknown exactly when they flourished, or if they are in any way connected to the division of the Crystals on Planet R apart from possessing one of the twin Earth Crystals, the peoples of ancient Gohn and Ronka may have been the most technologically advanced of the time. This is supported by the existence of several elaborate machines in the few structures that have survived the ravages of time.

As the game progresses, Karnak Castle emerges as the world's technological power, with its Fire Crystal giving life to machines like the Fire-Powered Ship. Cid Previa almost gives up on his research, but through the party and Mid, he gains a renewed zeal for his craft. He and Mid then assist the party in locating and restoring more ancient technology.

Final Fantasy VI[]

In the thousand years since the world was devastated in the War of the Magi, what remained of the population was divided into two planes. Humans, existing on the mortal plane, had struggled mightily to advance, while the espers sealed themselves off on their own plane. For much of this time apart, humans relearned their ability to craft civilization using the resources of their world.

Between 20 and 30 years prior to the start of the game, the seal between planes is weakened, allowing Madeline to stumble through and observe the espers' realm, later forging a bond with the esper Maduin. She unwittingly leads the Gestahlian Empire to its raid on the plane. In the process, no fewer than a dozen espers are seized and taken to what would become the Magitek Research Facility under Cid Del Norte Marguez. The espers are placed in fluid capsules for study, and their very life energy forcefully extracted to create Magitek, which is then infused into all matter, living or not, under Imperial control. Thus was Magitek Armor forged, enabling military use of magic.

Early experiments with Magitek were highly unstable, leading to the corruption of Kefka Palazzo. For this reason, General Leo Cristophe notably refused a Magitek infusion, yet became a top battalion commander. Later, Celes Chere is subjected to an identical process, but does not suffer psychosis as Kefka did

Final Fantasy VII[]

Tension between ecology/nature and technology is one of the game's core story arcs.

The Shinra Electric Power Company developed a method for expediting Gaia's natural process of condensing, compressing and extracting its bio-ethereal energy into Mako, which is then delivered as fuel to localities that rely on it. Comparable to coal and oil on Earth, AVALANCHE maintains the premise that the supply of Mako is more finite than people believe and will destroy the planet once all is consumed, but goes to extreme lengths to prevent Shinra from further extracting Mako.

Aside from this, some communities, notably Cosmo Canyon, Wutai Village, and Icicle Inn, have continued to flourish without using Mako; tradition or an understanding of Gaia's inner workings is seen as a reason for said refusal.

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