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Technique command in FFXV

Command menu.

Techniques are special abilities usable by party members in Final Fantasy XV. They somewhat hearken to Limit Break systems from previous games in the series.


Techniques are acquired via the Ascension Grid, and can be used in battle by pressing L1 or Left bumper when using the Type A control scheme. Using a Technique for the first time earns the Brother-in-Arms achievement/trophy.

Each character has one base technique available at the start. Some techniques level up with use; each time they do, their power and critical rate increase. Critical techniques, indicated by a yellow bar rather than a green one, have strengthened effects. Some food dishes will be favored by a party member, guaranteeing critical versions from them (or in Noctis’s case, boosting the tech bar replenish rate). Techniques can be swapped with the Gear option in the main menu. Guests' techniques cannot be changed, nor do they appear in the Ascension, but they can be levelled up with repeated use.

Techniques' use is mandated by the tech bar, a gauge that fills over time during battle. It is segmented into three, and the bar must first fill to either the first, second, or third to use a specific technique. The tech bar can be upgraded via the Ascension Grid.

Noctis cannot use techniques, and instead has Armiger. He can follow up on the techniques if positioned right, however. For example, when using Gladiolus's Cyclone, the player can at times initiate a follow-up attack where Noctis spins from Gladiolus's sword and deals damage to surrounding enemies. The characters involved in the technique, as well as Noctis, are invulnerable to damage during the tech animation. Some 1 or 2 bar techniques can be performed simultaneously, but then the player cannot do the follow-up to the first technique.

Gladiolus's techniques damage enemies, and often break appendages, making them vulnerable to further harm. Ignis's techniques aid the player by healing, providing warp points, and bestowing elemental buffs. Prompto's techniques are ranged, from shooting through enemies from afar to using flares to combat daemons, to using his photography skills in battle (although he will always take photos in battle randomly). Iris has two versions of her technique; it instantly kills magitek troopers, and damages other enemy types.

When the ability to play as the other party members is unlocked, they gain the same techniques available to them in their respective DLC episodes. Like in the DLC, these techniques will never trigger critically. Noctis, Ignis, and Prompto have their tech bars fill even when not playing as them. Gladiolus retains his vigor level when switching to another character, then back to him.

Techniques and related Ascension Grid abilitiesEdit

Tech Strike
Crystarium Branch 1
Tech Damage
Crystarium Branch 1
Quick Tech

Crystarium Branch 2
Crystarium Branch 1
Trigger Happy
Crystarium Branch 1
Prompto: Limit Break

Crystarium Branch 2
Crystarium Branch 1
Crystarium Branch 1
Ignis: Limit Break
Libra Elementia

Crystarium Branch 2
Royal Guard
Crystarium Branch 1
Crystarium Branch 1
Gladio: Limit Break

Technique Cost Effect Character
Gladiolus Tempest Technique from FFXV
1 Unleash a couple sweeping area attacks with a greatsword. Critical version adds a third swing. Gladiolus
1 Set up Noctis to warp-strike multiple enemies in succession with daggers. Ignis
1 Pierce target with a firearm to hit multiple enemies in a line. Reduces enemy defense. Prompto
2 Powerful greatsword lunge. Can miss agile enemies. Gladiolus
2 Gathers allies. Rescues any allies in Danger status and quickly restores their current HP. The critical version also yields the Stalwart buff. Ignis
1 Draws enemy attention in a wide radius with a firearm. Causes Light damage and can inflict Threatened or Enervated (the effect depends on the enemy and may not work on every enemy, daemons included). Prompto
1 Take up to 5 photos, generating 5 AP each. A maximum of 5 Snapshot photos can be saved. Prompto
Royal Guard
1 Calls Gladio to protect Noctis with a shield. Negates damage and puts the player into cover status, gradually replenishing HP. Gladiolus
1 Casts Flameboost, Frostboost, or Stormboost on Noctis. Its critical version extends the duration of the buff. Ignis
2 Shoot a sphere of energy that sucks in enemies and deals constant magic damage. Prompto
2 Damage nearby enemies with shield shockwave. Noctis can then Point-Warp to Gladiolus to follow-up with devastating greatsword spinning attack. Gladiolus
2 Focuses the party on one enemy at a time. Noctis retains normal attacks. Allies attack with Deathblows. The sequence is longer if allies are equipped with Secondary Arms. Always does critical hits. Ignis
Recoil Technique for Prompto in FFXV
2 Deal heavy area of effect damage with machinery. Can break enemy appendages. Prompto
Impulse Technique from FFXV
3 Very powerful frontal area sweep attack that hits a couple times. Can break appendages. Gladiolus
Sagefire from FFXV
3 Devastating AOE Fire attack with daggers. Can break appendages. Ignis
Trigger Happy
Trigger Happy Technique Prompto from FFXV
3 Area attack with a firearm. Can break appendages. Prompto
Libra Elementia
1 Ignis exploits an enemy's elemental weakness with a magic spell. Is the only Technique Ignis can use in Chapters 10-13. Learned via an event in Chapter 10. Ignis
Lion's Roar
Cors Technique Lions Roar from FFXV
1 Cor's technique that is an upward slash that releases a shockwave that moves in a single line. Cor
2 Iris's technique that attacks one enemy. Instantly kills Magitek Troopers. Iris
3 Aranea’s aerial attack technique. Can put large enemies into a vulnerable state. Aranea
Name Effect
Limit Break Allow character's techniques to break the damage limit. They are prefixed above with who they belong to. All are simply called "Limit Break."
Quick Tech All Tech Bar replenishment increased by 10%.
Tech Damage Adds to the tech bar as Noctis takes damage with the formula $ AmountAdded = Damage / 500 $
Tech Strike Adds to the tech bar when Noctis lands attacks.

Armiger UnleashedEdit

Noctis uses Techniques as part of his Armiger Unleashed mode in the Windows and Royal Editions. Armiger Unleashed replaces techniques with Unleashed techniques and the tech bar carries over from before activating the mode. The bar keeps replenishing unless frozen by the Armiger Accelerator accessory. Noctis is invincible during technique animations. Equipping Tech Turbocharger while in Unleashed lets Noctis use techniques more often, but stops the Armiger bar from filling.

Technique Cost Direction Effect
Royal Cleave
1 Up Cloaks a sword in a magic aura and slashes forward once. Has a huge knockdown multiplier and hits up to three times. Deals Light-elemental damage.
2 Right Brings the royal arms in front of Noctis in a cylindrical formation that damages foes and shoots it forward, splitting into multiple homing bolts. Deals ballistic damage.
Dynastic Stance
2 Left Takes a stance and summons phantom swords around Noctis. Swords will rain down as Noctis use normal attacks.
Legacy of the Lucii
3 Down Executes a flashy combo using many royal arms and finishes with an Area of Effect magic attack on the ground that deals Light-elemental damage.

Royal Cleave can be used to knock down enemies to set up combo finishers and as part of a regular combo, useful for avoiding damage mid-combo. Apocalypsis is useful to unleash near a target. Dynastic Stance is good against groups of enemies, or when fighting Light-immune foes. Because the blades will often not fire when using finishing moves, it may be better to simply use regular combo attacks while under its effect.

Legacy of the Lucii performs a damaging combo and many of its hits deal area damage. The final swing is very powerful and often hits multiple times.

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy XV: Episode PromptoEdit

Dragoon Dive Aranea Technique FFXV Episode Prompto

Dragoon Dive.

Along with Highwind, the player can again invoke Aranea to use Dragoon Dive indoors with the Technique command, costing 2 tech bars. Aranea downing enemies can set them up for Prompto to use his crackshot for critical damage.

Prompto can also use Starshell and Selfie Shot to light the battleground with flares and to take selfies in battle, like in the main game, though Selfie Shot costs 2 bars and is always a selfie. After beating the episode once, Prompto gains the ability to use Trigger Happy, which works much like how it does in the main game, albeit with quicker shots that are always critical, and a strong explosive ending shot that can stagger groups of enemies.

Final Fantasy XV: Episode IgnisEdit

The power of the storm, surges through my blade!
—Ravus when Last Rites


Ignis has three Tactical Art techniques. High Jump acts similar to Aranea's Dragoon Dive at the cost of one tech bar. Ignis leaps towards his target (or straight down if there is none), dealing strong area damage which scales off the damage meter and breaks off enemy appendages, also granting AP for kills similar to Noctis's warp-strikes. Overclock doubles the damage meter for a random element at the cost of two tech bars, able to reach 8.0 and also doubling its growth rate. A higher damage meter may visually intensify the elements. Using Overclock again overwrites the last buff. 

Additionally, while he acts as a guest party member, Ravus has a technique known as Last Rites, which costs one tech bar, in which he empowers his artificial arm with electricity and releases a Thunder-elemental AOE attack.

After beating the episode once, Ignis gains Quick Recipeh in the main game when he is in the lead, and after acquiring the necessary items from shops during subsequent playthroughs of the episode.

Quick Recipeh allows Ignis to cook a meal mid-battle. Its result is random, yielding either a buff or a debuff with four possible outcomes. Both the buffs and debuffs wear off if switching away from Ignis. 

  • "Terrible": Ignis hunches over and is afflicted with two debuffs exclusive to him (damage and Total Clarity meters drop to 0, and he can't build them up again until to effect wears off), plus poison. The debuffs, including poison, ignore Ribbons, though poison can be still be healed with an item. 
  • "Bad": Ignis shakes his head and is afflicted with the two exclusive debuffs neutering his damage and Total Clarity meters. 
  • "Great": Ignis holds his fist in front of him, granting a unique buff the fills the Total Clarity gauge automatically. 
  • "Perfect": Ignis holds out a dish, granting the previous buff and making him immune to damage and stagger.

Close Encounter of the Terra KindEdit

Salvation tech from FFXV x Terra Wars collab


Only one Technique is available: Sarah's Salvation, which is a sword attack against one target with a possible follow up from Noctis. It becomes available in the battle after meeting the Hiso Alien Elder and costs one tech bar to use. When the player invokes the tech in the boss battle, Noctis will accidentally call Sarah either Gladiolus, Ignis or Prompto, before correcting himself.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera OmniaEdit

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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy All-Star CarnivalEdit

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Pictlogica Final FantasyEdit

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Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit

Legend Cards
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Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

Some techniques appear as Soul Breaks.

Final Fantasy Brave ExviusEdit

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Mobius Final FantasyEdit

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  • Prompto is the only one to use his Techniques against the player when fought as a training partner at camp: he uses Recoil, Gravisphere and Starshell, although the latter has a different effect (inflicting Confuse). Gladiolus also uses Dawnhammer in the training room (in Parry and Rescue tutorials), Cor uses Lion's Roar when fought in Episode Gladiolus, Aranea frequently uses Highwind during her boss fights, and Ravus uses Last Rites when fought in Episode Ignis.
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  • The "Prompto" who fights alongside Noctis in Chapter 11 at Eusciello is actually Ardyn in disguise. If the player invokes Techniques during this time, "Prompto" doesn't say the lines the real Prompto says, rather, he uses lines Prompto will use in Chapter 14. Starshell is an exception, but the player is unlikely to use it in this battle. It is not possible to use Snapshot at this time.
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