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Summoning an Eidolon is a technique.

Spend TP to use techniques.


Techniques (TPアビリティ, TP Abiriti?, lit. TP Abilities) is a battle command in Final Fantasy XIII. Its abilities are used by expending TP. Characters learn Techniques by advancing their Crystarium, although the abilities' placement in the characters' trees varies depending on theit main paradigm roles; Techniques are always located somewhere in the one of the character's three main roles. Only the party leader can use Techniques at the player's command. Using a Technique does not expend ATB gauge segments, and therefore acts like a free turn barring casting animation. During the Techniques animation the users are immune to all damage.



Summon an Eidolon.


Summon costs 3 TP and is learned when a character acquires his/her Eidolon. It dismisses the other two party members and summons the character's Eidolon on the battlefield to fight alongside the summoner. In Gestalt Mode the summoner and the Eidolon join forces, and the player can command the Eidolon with button commands. After being dismissed by unleashing the Eidolon's special attack, the party returns in full health, all previously KO'd characters revived, and all status ailments healed.


Reveal partial status information on target.


Libra is the first TP ability the characters learn, available at Crystarium Stage 1. It reveals the enemy's information screen at the cost of 1 TP, though it must be cast multiple times to gain every single piece of information on an enemy. The item Librascope does the same to all enemies and reveals all information at once. The player is rewarded with the trophy/achievement Loremaster upon fully revealing 100 enemies' info.

Lightning and Sazh learn Libra in the Ravager role, Snow in the Sentinel, Vanille in the Medic, Hope in the Synergist, and Fang in the Commando role.


Revive allies from KO and restore their HP.


Renew is learned at Crystarium Stage 6. It revives all KO'd party members and restores the party's HP half of their maximum for the cost of 2 TP. Lightning, Vanille and Hope learn it in the Medic role, Snow and Fang in the Sentinel, and Sazh in the Ravager role.


Deal earth damage to targets in a wide radius and extend their chain bonuses.


Quake is learned at varying Crystarium Stages. It deals Earth-elemental damage to all enemy targets, except flying opponents, but greatly increases chain duration regardless. It is the only means of inflicting Earth damage the party can use and costs 1 TP. Lightning learns it in the Commando role at Stage 5, Snow in the Sentinel at Stage 5, Sazh in the Commando at Stage 2, Vanille in the Saboteur at Stage 2, Hope in the Ravager at Stage 3, and Fang in the Sentinel role at Stage 5.


Remove all status ailments and enhancements from all allies and enemies.


Dispelga removes positive and negative status effects from both allies and enemies at the cost of 1 TP. It does not remove Provoke or Doom. It is learned at Crystarium Stage 8. Lightning learns it in the Commando role, Snow and Fang learn it in the Sentinel role, and Sazh, Vanille, and Hope learn it in the Ravager role.


Reset all enemy and ally ATB gauges, canceling pending actions.


Stopga costs 1 TP to use, and resets all allies' and enemies' ATB gauges while canceling all actions in use. It is learned on Stage 9. Lightning and Vanille learn it in the Medic role, Snow learns it in the Ravager, Sazh and Hope learn it in the Synergist, and Fang learns it in the Saboteur role.

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