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For another explication for "TP", see: Tactical Points.

Technical Points (TP) (Tactical Points in the Japanese version) are a resource in Final Fantasy XIII.

TP is used for certain command abilities (known as Techniques in the English version and TP Abilities in the Japanese version) that gives the party a notable tactical advantage, including Libra, Renew, Summon, Dispelga, Quake, and Stopga. It is a stat shared by the entire "party", even when the party is split into different teams acting in different locations.

The entire TP gauge is 2,100 points long, with the first two bars 100, and 200 respectively, and the last three bars 600 each, making the maximum TP five bars. The points are invisible to the player and only present in the game data. TP abilities use only full bars and ignore the points; the points are used solely to calculate the way the TP gauge accumulates TP.

Accumulating TP[edit | edit source]

An Ethersol can be used outside of battle to fully restores the TP gauge, while an Elixir will fully restore the TP gauge and all party members' HP in battle.

The amount of TP recovered after each battle is based on the enemy's level and the battle rank.[1]

Rank Recovery
0 stars Sum of enemies' levels / 8
1 star Sum of enemies' levels / 4
2 stars Sum of enemies' levels / 2
3 stars Sum of enemies' levels
4 stars Sum of enemies' levels * 3
5 stars Sum of enemies' levels * 8

The enemies' level is a battle mechanic factor rather than an indication of their strength, which means the strongest of enemies do not necessarily recover TP the fastest.

TP can also be recovered via other means. In practice, however, the amount of TP gained during battle is often minimal.

Condition Recovery
Party member defeats an enemy. 21
Party member with Energy Sash defeats an enemy. 122
Party member fully stacks their ATB gauge performs a successful action. 41
Fang Staggers an enemy with Punisher (Stagger: TP Charge). 10
Fang staggers an enemy with the upgraded versions of the Punisher (Stagger: TP Charge II). 20
Win a battle with Champion's Badge equipped. 5
  • 1 - While summoning an Eidolon recovery = 0
  • 2 - While summoning an Eidolon recovery = 10[1]

If a party member has the synthesized ability Gestalt/TP Boost and is not knocked out all listed values become double; it affects all party members' actions not just the person with the ability. If the recovery due to the increase from Gestalt/TP Boost becomes more than 10, then recovery equals [(2 * normal) - 1].[1]

Gestalt/TP Boost is acquired by equipping equipment that have the same trait to a single party member. Combining equipment this way activates the ability.

The list of possible equipment is:

  • Weapons: Hauteclaire, Durandal, Lionheart, Ultima Weapon, Rigels, Polaris Specials, Procyons, Betelgeuse Customs, Unsetting Sun, Midnight Sun, Alicanto, Caladrius, Heavenly Axis, Abraxas, Taming Pole, Venus Gospel
  • Accessories: Survivalist Catalog, Hunter's Friend, Speed Sash, Energy Sash, Champion's Badge

2 – 3 pieces of equipment gives Random: Instant Chain. 4 – 5 pieces of equipment gives Gestalt/TP Boost.

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