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Lunar Cry's point of origin determined by Esthar scientists. A security box restraining the power of the Crystal Pillar and ground energy field is set up. It is sealed to prevent the Crystal Pillar from entering the area.

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Tears' Point is a location in Final Fantasy VIII, located on the Great Plains of Esthar, east of Esthar City. It can first be visited after leaving Esthar City, allowing the player to explore the continent.

The Solomon's Ring can be found here. If used while having 6 Malboro Tentacles, 6 Remedy+s, and 6 Steel Pipes, the player can obtain the Guardian Force Doomtrain. Tears' Point is one of the few areas on the world map that can be entered during endgame as it is an area where the player may acquire a non-drawn GF.


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When Lunatic Pandora settles in Tears' Point... Monsters from the moon will fall by an unknown force...

Researcher at Lunar Base

Concept art of a statue at Tears' Point.

The scientists of Esthar determined Tears' Point to be the most likely place for a Lunar Cry to happen. The English localization Information section calls it the "origin point" of Lunar Cry, but this is wrongly translated; in fact, Tears' Point is the site for the next Lunar Cry outbreak. To prevent the Crystal Pillar from summoning the Lunar Cry, the location was set up with a ground energy field that should have worked to deflect the energy field created by the Crystal Pillar, generated from the security boxes placed around the area's periphery. Statues ring the area, but their purpose (besides being ornamental) is unknown.

Seifer, under orders from Ultimecia, transports the Lunatic Pandora on the Tears' Point to perform a Lunar Cry. The energy field of the Crystal Pillar, combined with the Lunatic Pandora, is too powerful for the Tears' Point to contain, and most of the generators crack under pressure, and a Lunar Cry is unleashed upon Esthar. When the swarm of monsters hits the atmosphere above Tears' Point, is disperses rather than hitting the ground directly, possibly the working of Tears' Point.

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Tears' Point is located at the Great Plains of Esthar's southeastern side. On the world map, it looks like a place with eight blue-colored structures. At the events related to the Lunatic Pandora, the enclosure would be seen floating above Tears' Point.

Tears' Point itself is a circular area shaped similarly to a stadium placed around Lunar Cry's predicted point of origin. A set of large, blue security boxes surround a set of statues in the center, which light up red when Lunatic Pandora floats over them.


The entrance to Tears Point shows the path to the middle framed by the security boxes on either side. There are two different backgrounds for this area: when visited before Lunar Cry the sky is visible, but after the Lunatic Pandora settles above it, it will obscure the sky.

A Life draw point is found here.


The center of the complex has large statues, surrounded on all sides by the boxes. The statues are seen cracking in an FMV when the energy field around the area is overwhelmed by the Crystal Pillar.

The Solomon's Ring is found here, next to a Reflect draw point which never refills.

Musical themes[]


"Rivals", a theme commonly associated with Seifer, plays at Tears' Point.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

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