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Taynor is a character from Final Fantasy XIV. he appears in Magical DPS role questline.


Taynor is sucked into void.

Taynor and Nyelbert were born as descendants of a consortium of powerful magicians, whose leaders sought to master the art of opening portals to other worlds, to summon powerful entities from the void. To that end, they were taught in the arcane arts from an early age, their skills employed in dangerous experiments. One day, one of these experiments went wrong, and Taynor was sucked into a gap between the worlds, where he remained until Warrior of Darkness rescued him. Due to the vagaries of traveling between worlds largely beyond his comprehension, what seemed like a relatively short period of time for the boy reached about a hundred years in the world he had left behind.

Taynor wakes up without memories and just remembers his name. Anguished at not being able to discover anything about his past, Taynor leaves alone and ends up under attack by sin eaters but the Warrior of Darkness rescues him from danger. After the battle, the Warrior of Darkness has a vision of Taynor's past through the power of Echo and sees him training with a young Nyelbert. Cerigg explains to Taynor that, as bizarre as it may seem, the events in his memory must have occurred over a hundred years ago. Now convinced that his young companion is the key to defeating the terrible Phronesis, Cerigg proposes that Taynor join the hunt for the Phronesis.

Taynor begins to recover his memory and to remember the enchantments he learned. During his training, Taynor manages to open a portal and ends up attracting Phronesis to the site. Taynor manages to fend off one of Phronesis' holes and save Cerigg from a terrible fate.

Taynor says his feelings for Nyelbert's memories.

After Taynor's training is finally completed, the party goes on to its final showdown. Taynor cast his magic to attract Phronesis and although the battle was harrowing, the party was victorious. In the last moments of the sin eater, Nyelbert's memories manifest, revealing how the archmage continued to look for a way to bring his friend back from the crevice until the end of his days. Taynor offers words of comfort in the vain hope of freeing him from his torment. Although it is unlikely that Taynor's words really reached his Nyelbert, the experience nevertheless allowed the boy to come to terms with his past and his own conflicting feelings.

Taynor expresses his gratitude for everything that Warrior of Darkness and Cerigg did for him, explaining that their adventures together gave him the confidence he needs to fight on his own. Cerigg responds by inviting the boy to become his partner and continues his adventure together, an offer that Taynor enthusiastically accepts.

After Elidibus begins impersonating Ardbert, Taynor may be one of the characters who visit the warrior's room at night. Taynor learns about the Ascians and offers encouraging words for the Warrior of Darkness to do what is right.




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Taynor is an allied npc in the Special Instance during magical DPS role quest level 80 A Tearful Reunion A Tearful Reunion.